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Pricing model for Chat Bot

Select Chat Bot Plan on your taste

Basic Custom (Fixed price) Custom (Time and Material)
Functionality Basic chat bot covers scenarios for simple logic where Questions/Answers match with pre-defined Questions/Answers Basic chat bot + custom features Basic chat bot + custom features
Price Free Custom requirements are estimated and total price is calculated based on an hourly rate First 40 hours are absolutely free* Then a client will be invoiced based on the actual amount of hours spent by engineering team
Supported messengers Facebook Facebook, telegram, skype, slack or other. Facebook, telegram, skype, slack or other.
Hosting Client side/Adexin side** Client side/Adexin side** Client side/Adexin side**
Revisions 0 5 unlimited
Delivery Time 5 days based on custom requirements based on custom requirements
Cost of support 30$ per hour 30$ per hour 30$ per hour

* – includes PM, BA, DEV and QA hours
** – starting from 50$ based on bot load

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Chat bot benefits

Low development cost

A simple chat bot can be developed quickly and easily. We can provide it even for free.

Stay connected!

Connect with millions of people around the world

No download, no installation

No installation or authorization required, just a messenger account

Accessible on any device

Messengers are available on Web, Mobile and Desktop

Available messengers for integration

Facebook chat bot development

Telegram chat bot development

Skype chat bot development

Slack chat bot development

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As a special offer we are offering free chat bot with basic functionality or one week free development for custom chat bot.


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