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Electronic Record System

Automation of management, accounting and control, as well as the creation of integrated software play an important role in increasing business efficiency and quality of medical services.
At times offered/available software products can not be used to support the work of medical institutions. Software for medicine must take into account specifics of the service industry.


Making updates to an existing legacy system that is difficult to maintain, support and improve due to its architecture, underlying technology and design. Some of the challenges include:
– poor performance
– lack of offline functionality
– old technologies and approaches that are no longer supported and needed to be updated The main goal was to ensure that the entire range of service operations is reliable and stable.


A decision was made to transform the system from a legacy desktop application to a server web based application.
System performance was drastically improved.
Many changes were implemented to enhance the system stability and security.
A mobile version of the application went live soon after stabilizing the web system.


Legacy source code was updated and migrated to a new platform – a cloud-based records system with two-factor authentication. At present all three instances of the system (desktop, mobile and web) are being actively used by end users in more than 100 rehabilitation centers in the United States.


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The project includes some sub-projects:
– Desktop application (Winforms C#, WCF Service, SQL, Crystal Report)
– Website (ASP.NET Core C#, SignalR, ReactJS)
– Mobile Application (React Native)


6 developers, 2 QA, 1 designer


3 years

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