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Hire Ruby on Rails developer

Adexin’s Ruby on Rails developers have a huge experience in application development. We are strong in delivering high performance applications with complex functionalities in Financial, Non-Profit/Government, Media/Publishing, Travel, Education, E-Business domains.

We are committed to provide our clients with sustainable solutions, quality services and superior support for this latest and well-known open source technology RoR. At Adexin, we are involved with our clients from the beginning to assist with decision making and to get the requirements in a way we believe is beneficial. Our Rails team follows Scrum methodology and we are opened to other methodologies proposed by our customers. In addition, our programmers contribute to the most famous Ruby on Rails CMS Refinery and other open-source projects.

We propose applying behavior-driven development using Rspec, Cucumber, Jasmine and other tools to accelerate RoR development, including continuous integration.

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Ruby on Rails development