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Messenger bots are a great addition for any online business. If you are looking to work with a reputed and knowledgeable chat bot development company, Adexin is your answer. We offer best practices in messenger bot design and development. Our developers are well versed with the latest chat bot APIs and work closely with the Facebook developer community to equip us with the right tools and development frameworks. We commit to find the latest software releases for you, test new technologies and share knowledge. We use various web development frameworks, programming languages, and tools to offer scalable and attractive solutions.

Did you know that the average American smartphone user downloads zero apps per month? Yet there are over a billion people actively using messenger apps! A chat bot can provide the most important features of a mobile app, yet doesn’t require a download, it’s simply integrated into an app that most people are already using! A bot can deliver custom notifications and news, alerts, weather forecasts. You can build interactive games, create social connections, integrate with various other services and APIs. The possibilities are endless!

Building a chat bot to handle the customer support for your business is a great investment. Chat bots are a great way to simplify the user experience for your customers and to create interactions that keep people engaged and interested.

Creating a chat bot with Adexin is an affordable solution for any business.

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Chat bot benefits

Low development cost

A simple chat bot can be developed quickly and easily. We can provide it even for free.

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Connect with millions of people around the world

No download, no installation

No installation or authorization required, just a messenger account

Accessible on any device

Messengers are available on Web, Mobile and Desktop

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Adexin’s Expertise
Full-Cycle Development

We are a full-cycle software provider, qualified to handle any stage of the development life cycle.

Agile Methodologies

Our team is led by a certified scrum master helping us to ensure higher quality products in less time.

Certified Developers

Our developers are certified in various technologies ensuring that you will have a competent professional developer regardless of the chosen technology.

Scalable Solutions

We pride ourselves on building scalable, responsive, intuitive applications for businesses of all types and sizes.