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Machine learning development services

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Machine learning experts

Work with data scientists that are passionate about machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and know how to apply their knowledge to real world problems.

big data analysis

Big data analysis

We work with our clients to determine optimal solutions for storing, processing, and analyzing massive data sets. We also work to seamlessly integrate solutions with the architecture used across the company.

machine learning solutions

Complex problem solutions

We enjoy the process of extracting information from data and presenting it in an unconventional way. We are curious about new machine learning research developments, and our focus is applying them to real world problems.






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Other problems that we can solve:

machine learning - Trend and event prediction

Trend and event prediction

Machine learning can help your company iteratively learn from its data – identifying patterns and predicting future outcomes with little human intervention. It produces reliable, repeatable decisions and results.

Object recognition and classification

Use deep learning to recognize objects in images, videos and so on. People tagging, gaming, augmented reality, image search, security, healthcare are just some of the ways that image recognition is changing the way we use and interact with technology.

machine learning - Object recognition and classification

Machine learning - Recommendation systems

Recommendation systems

Create a recommendation system based on machine learning algorithms to help your users to choose the most relevant products (services, TV shows, movies, news articles, etc.). Recommendations are based on the viewing history, personal characteristics like age, gender, interests and such.

Algoritms and Models

Linear regression

Logistic regression

Hidden Markov models

Support Vector Machines

Principal content analysis

Deep Learning (RNN, CNN)


Bayesian A/B Testing

Ensemble algorithms

Decision Trees and Random Forest

Natural Language Processing

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Adexin’s Expertise
Full-Cycle Development

We are a full-cycle software provider, qualified to handle any stage of the development life cycle.

Agile Methodologies

Our team is led by a certified scrum master helping us to ensure higher quality products in less time.

Platform Migration

Don’t let your legacy systems fall behind! We can help you choose the best technology to bring your old systems up to speed.

Scalable Solutions

We pride ourselves on building scalable, responsive, intuitive applications for businesses of all types and sizes.