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AdexinBlogWarsaw EXPO: showcase innovative technologies

Warsaw EXPO: showcase innovative technologies

May 24, 2024
7 mins

Together with experts from the world of science, we had the opportunity to participate in Warsaw Industry Automatica, organized between 14 and 15 May 2024. The event at EXPO Warsaw, the largest exhibition center in Poland, was a great opportunity to establish business relationships in central and eastern Europe and attend the trade fair connected with the Automation Industry Conference 2024. This year there wasn't any outdoor space with industrial equipment but still, the event was very impressive.

See our outcomes from the fairs and conference, which shed more light on the current developments in automation and robotics in the manufacturing industry, supply chain, and inventory management with modern systems that streamline operations across multiple locations.

Expo Poland
Expo Poland

Expo Warsaw: Innovation meets practical demand

We had an amazing opportunity to visit the latest industry event in Warsaw. The venue created by EXPO was keeping ahead with industry trends at the trade fairs in Central and Eastern Europe, we want to follow current developments in robotics and automation as closely as possible.

Presentation at Warsaw Industry Automatica 2024
Presentation at Warsaw Industry Automatica 2024

What about this year's edition?

This year's event edition, Warsaw Industry Automatica, has attracted nearly 10K visitors from various industries. Relying on the details from the previous edition, the number of visitors has reached nearly 2K from abroad, spanning 14 countries. These are very good results that highlight the value of the entire exhibition space.

Congress center Expo
Congress center Expo

Do you know the main subject of and what the fair offers?

The main subject of the event was robotics and automation. Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to talk with many companies from the software industry. It gave us brilliant insights into where the software market stands in the area of manufacturing. But I will tell you more about this experience later in this article.

Expo Warsaw
Expo Warsaw

Exhibition space in Warsaw & Automation Industry Conference 2024

This year's edition organizer PTAK Warsaw Expo divided into two conferences, where keynotes from well-known businesses in European heavy industry, technology, robotics, custom software for service and maintenance, or internal logistics management with an inventory management system. Moreover, a significant number of providers of ready-made solutions for Business Process Management had the excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience.

EXPO Warsaw 2024
EXPO Warsaw 2024

Automation and robotization in the world of Industry 4.0

During this part of the conference, technical experts from leading companies in the field of automation and robotics were highly appreciated, and critical topics related to technological advances, standards, and regulations were addressed. The conference program was divided into three thematic blocks. Each one was focusing on different aspects of industrial challenges and solutions.

1. Communication standards in industrial automation

The first block of presentations focuses on contemporary and forward-looking communication standards in industrial automation. Speakers discussed the latest trends in industrial communication. They also discussed the implementation of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) as a core technology for real-time communication. At this point, it was very important to discuss the industry's anticipated impact of 5G on automation and robotization.

Poland trade fair Warsaw Industry Automatica
Poland trade fair Warsaw Industry Automatica

2. Implementation of robotization

The second block was devoted to methods for preparing and implementing robotization in industrial settings. It covers the design and implementation of intralogistics systems using AGVs and AMR vehicles or robot programming and simulation in a product lifecycle management (PLM) environment. This pretty much overdue term gets a slightly new meaning for Industry 4.0 and helps companies craft better strategies for increasing energy efficiency in industrial robotics.

Warsaw Industry Automatica Branding
Warsaw Industry Automatica Branding

3. Safety and resilience of automation robotization

The final block of presentations brought us experienced team professionalism in safety and resilience in automation and robotization. It features insights on building and maintaining cyber security for IT/OT industrial systems presented by the Managing Director of Anzena Sp. z o.o. and Director of Machine Safety at ELOKON Sp. z o.o., They discussed the compliance requirements of the current Machinery Directive about robotization. All that underscored the significance of ensuring safety and regulation in automated manufacturing plants.

Trade fair in Warsaw exposition 
Trade fair in Warsaw exposition 

Robotics in Automation. Trends and Challenges.

On the second day of the conference, speakers from companies such as FAIRP spoke. An expert from this robotics company explained the practical elements of robotization and the main trends and challenges facing the manufacturing industry.

Presentation at Warsaw Industry Automatica
Presentation at Warsaw Industry Automatica

They explained that the rapid evolution of robotization goes beyond simply increasing the number of robots per 10,000 workers. This means that competitiveness cannot be increased with robots alone. You have to navigate a volatile market and face a difficult geopolitical landscape. In addition, aspects of the ongoing demographic decline were explained, which creates serious concerns for manufacturing leaders.

AI at PTAK Warsaw Expo
AI at PTAK Warsaw Expo

New exhibitors for High-Tech

Other speakers from Dentec shed light on aspects of efficiency in manufacturing. In their presentation titled "How to Improve the Efficiency of Plastic Part Production - Robotic Overmolding - Case Study," they presented a case of a company that manufactures parts using overmolding technology, which offers several advantages.

Nipper booth in Warsaw EXPO
Nipper booth in Warsaw EXPO

These advantages are particularly visible when feeding brass inserts into an injection mold. Visitors learned about managing and installing a console robot on a 350-ton injection molding machine and saw what business impact such an implementation had for the customer.

Warsaw Expo venue
Warsaw Expo venue

Manufacturing and software solution

During the event, we saw many companies delivering software solutions for logistics and manufacturing. While talking with companies supplying modern software for production and service & maintenance, we noticed a significant enthusiasm.

Venue of Expo Warsaw in Poland
Venue of Expo Warsaw in Poland

However, the notable difference arose from the perspective of companies using software for production. The gap between software providers and manufacturing companies remains largely consistent. Systems for manufacturing are often developed without insight into business operations, which is the biggest drawback of any implementation. It's incredible how many companies are dissatisfied with the overall implementation results.

Warsaw Industry Automatica
Warsaw Industry Automatica

By visiting various manufacturing companies and having worked in the supply chain myself in the past, I can outline that the most significant drawbacks in system implementation stem from these reasons:

Complexity overload

Often, systems become overly complex in an attempt to incorporate every aspect of the manufacturing process. This complexity can confuse users and hinder effective adoption and integration.

Resistance to change

Implementing new systems can encounter resistance from employees accustomed to existing workflows. Resistance may stem from fear of losing their jobs or unfamiliarity with the latest technology. Yes, operational people aren't just computer savvy; they can disturb the process. 

Integration challenges

Many manufacturing systems require digital transformation and integration with existing software and hardware infrastructure. Problems with incompatibility or difficulties synchronizing data between systems are leading to delays and disruptions to operations.

The central part of the hall at Warsaw Industry Automatica
The central part of the hall at Warsaw Industry Automatica

Cost overruns

Initial estimates of system implementation may understate actual costs. Unforeseen customization, training, and ongoing maintenance expenses can lead to budget overruns, affecting the organization's financial health.

Lack of user training and support

Inadequate training and support for end users can hinder the adoption and use of the system. Employees may leave and not return if frustration with the new system builds. All this happens without sufficient guidance on using the new system effectively compared to the old methods or making mistakes. Of course, there are other shortcomings, but it all boils down again to the fact that some processes become too complicated when introducing the new system.

Warsaw PTAK Expo
Warsaw PTAK Expo

The Latest Solutions: But Are They Modern Enough?

Today we see that companies have common issues across different industries. Regardless of business and industry complexity, companies face similar challenges when it comes to system implementation. One of the main ones, in my opinion, is the neglect of integration capabilities and the creation of custom software for the supply chain. During this event in Warsaw, it became evident that software providers significantly neglected the integration capabilities of systems with the supply chain. 

Top 10 supply chain events in 2024. List of 150+ events downloadable

Article by:
Iryna Stepchenko

And let's take a closer look at the main points:

Supply Chain for Manufacturing

One provider offered a system resembling a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) but should have paid more attention to the value of integrating this system with the supply chain. Integration between manufacturing and the supply chain is crucial. While Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) can be implemented, integrating APS functionality with MES is equally important.

Holistic Supply Chain Management

Businesses need a comprehensive view of all supply chain stages. Special supply chain technologies and solutions can help by integrating different systems into a single portal interface, providing a cohesive view and enhancing supply chain management.

The Role of Logistics

Logistics is crucial for delivering goods and raw materials to production plants. At the Warsaw event, companies focused solely on production plant solutions, managing inbound goods and transactions from dock to stock without offering a holistic view of the entire supply chain.

With the help of custom software, software development companies can provide all of this. They can integrate your legacy system and launch it on a brilliant platform for comprehensive manufacturing planning with supply chain visibility. Doesn't that sound like a resilient solution for your company? I'm sure it does.

Are you in search of a reliable tech partner?

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Final takeaway on Warsaw trade fairs in Poland

Despite Warsaw's Industry Automatica event wasn't largest trade fair in the eastern European region, it provided valuable insights into the latest robotics, exchange knowledge about automation for the following sectors, and software solutions trends in the manufacturing industry. Key challenges identified include system complexity. Other emphases include resistance to change, integration issues, cost overruns, and insufficient training.

The event highlighted the critical need to integrate advanced manufacturing systems with supply chain capabilities. Custom software services can help integrate legacy systems and solve this issue.

If you want to optimize your manufacturing processes and improve supply chain integration, consider investing in custom software solutions that bridge various system functionalities. Contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your operations and make your business more resilient.



What is Warsaw's Industry Automatica event?

Industry Automatica is an annual event held at EXPO Warsaw. It is undoubtedly the largest exhibition center in Poland. The event focuses on automation and robotics in various industries. During the 3 exhibition days, experts, companies, and enthusiasts come together to present and discuss the latest innovations and trends. This year's event was held on May 14-15, 2024, and included the trade show and the 2024 Industrial Automation Conference.

What were the highlights of Warsaw Industry Automatica 2024?

Each year the Warsaw Industry Automatica event provides many new insights. The 2024 edition attracted nearly 10,000 visitors from various industries, including some 2,000 international participants from 14 countries. Highlights included presentations on the latest trends in industrial automation and methods of implementing robotization. There were also discussions on the safety and resilience of automated systems. The event provided valuable information on the current state of automation and robotics in manufacturing, supply chain, and inventory management.

What topics were covered at the 2024 Industrial Automation Conference?

  • Communication standards in industrial automation. This block focused on today's and tomorrow's communication standards, including Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and the impact of 5G on automation.

  • Robotization Implementation. This segment covered the design and implementation of intralogistics systems using AGVs and AMR vehicles, robot programming, and strategies for increasing energy efficiency in industrial robotics.

  • Security and Resilience in Automation. Presentations covered cyber security of industrial IT/OT systems, compliance with the Machinery Directive, and the importance of safety in automated manufacturing.

What challenges in the manufacturing industry were discussed at the event?

At every event at the Expo, we get to hear about industrial challenges and their solutions. This time, challenges related to the rapid evolution of robotization were discussed. The growing need for competitiveness beyond simply increasing the number of robots and the impact of the demographic decline on the workforce is evident. Integration challenges, overloading systems with complexity, and resistance to change among the workforce were also noted as important issues in implementing new manufacturing technologies.

How did the event affect the gap between software providers and manufacturing companies?

The event highlighted the gap between software providers and manufacturing companies. This is one of the most important parts, if not the most important. Many software solutions are not developed without sufficient insight into actual business operations. This leads to user dissatisfaction. Key issues include the complexity of the systems, resistance to change by employees, and the challenges of integrating new systems with existing infrastructure.

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