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Custom software development services

Nowadays, the software is the key to increasing efficiency and growing your business. While commercially available software can help to a certain extent, it is no match for a custom-made product. Adexin can supply your firm with software suitable to your needs. Based on the deep analysis of your business needs, careful consideration of your requests, and an experienced team of consultants, lets us help you reach your goals.

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Custom web and mobile development

Demand doesn't wait. In the rapidly progressing business world, it is imperative to get through to the customer and provide them with the product to satisfy their wants and needs.

WEB development

Initial impression is the first crucial step. Fulfill your business requirements with advanced web solutions designed to fit your custom specifications. Adexin can supply the web applications and experience needed to improve user satisfaction.

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Mobile APP Development

The mobile market is perhaps the fastest expanding market there is. Tap into the market and evolve your mobile application with it. With our expertise, stay ready for the ever-evolving needs of your clients.

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Narrowly focused custom development services

We deliver highly specialized, cutting-edge solutions for all niches of the logistics industry. Adexin is focused on optimization and rapid scaling of any size business.

Freight MS Development

Top-notch custom freight management systems from our developers ensure business growth by optimizing operations such as route planning, legacy system integration, transport document management, and ultimately accurate analytics.

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Fleet MS Solutions

Get advanced custom solutions to control your truck fleet with clear, data-driven solutions. Thanks to unique algorithms from our company, you can optimize your business operations in the shortest possible time.

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SCCT Solutions

Technical solutions and apps, demand and supply planning, sophisticated integrations, and advanced analytics are the basics on which our supply chain control tower software solutions are built.

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ERP Development

We develop custom EPR software with easy-to-integrate modules to exceed your needs and achieve your business goals. You will significantly scale your business thanks to our knowledge and customer focus.

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TMS Development

The best TMS systems for businesses that want to improve and scale their operations. We deliver solutions for route planning, shipping document management, fleet management, and many other TMS components.

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DMS Solutions

High-quality customized DMS solutions created to improve business operational efficiency. Improving document control, automating invoice approvals, and much more that our engineers can help with.

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WMS Solutions

Increase the efficiency of your transport and supply chain with our WMS development. We deliver custom solutions for better control of warehouse operations, including order and inventory management, shipping, integrations, and many more.

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PMS Development

Accelerate your supply chain and procurement management with advanced solutions from Adexin. We will provide the best procurement software for transportation, logistics, and supply chain operations.

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OMS Development

Experience the benefits of seamless integration across multiple functions and legacy systems. Optimize the management of orders, returns, and analytics through custom development of order management systems.

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SAM Solutions

Our engineers can help you with the best SAM tools designed specifically for your logistics business. The equipment tracking system, real-time asset monitoring, and RFID asset tracking system are solutions that we can integrate into your routine processes.

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What you can expect

Our forefront priority is to bring value to our partners. Our experts treat every project with a strong sense of responsibility, ensuring the best outcome throughout our partnership. You can rely on our guidance and full cooperation.

Agile approach

Adexin has fully embraced and adapted the agile approach, ensuring excellent flexibility during projects. Make necessary changes and corrections at any stage of development. We are committed to seeing your vision come true.


Transparency is crucial for synergistic cooperation. Our clients have full control and visibility over their projects.


We will deliver the quality software demanded from us. Adexin follows strict rules and guides, ensuring optimal quality control. Every project is tested and refined to our client's preferences.

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How we start our cooperation

  • 1

    Initial meeting

    1 day

    A free consultation during which we will discuss your business's unique characteristics and needs.

  • 2

    NDA signing

    1 day

    Your privacy is our first priority. The NDA agreement provides security for your sensitive information.

  • 3

    Detailed meeting

    1 day

    A meticulous examination of your requests, gathering necessary data, and listing the technical specifications.

  • 4

    Solution and estimation

    3-7 days

    Our team of experts determines the best suitable solution and provides an estimate of required time and resources, based on their extensive experience.

  • 5


    1 day

    The presentation of found solutions and requirements, finalization of the suggested project, selection of the team.

  • 6

    MSA signing

    1-2 days

    After successful team selection, the legal formalization of the achieved agreements are performed.

  • 7

    “Let’s get the party started”

    As soon as everything is done the work on the project begins.

Why Adexin

There is no lack of software development companies in the market. However, making the right choice is no easy matter. Here’s why Adexin should be the company of your choice.


Custom software development is our forte. Since the founding of Adexin, we have developed and turned in 100+ projects. With the experience we have amassed, we will provide you with a product custom-made to suit your wishes.


Our developers are committed to providing the quality product you deserve and your business needs. With our ISTQB certified QA engineers, we are confident your requested software will not disappoint.

Modern technologies

Keeping up with the latest technologies is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Our engineers will integrate the latest tech to ensure your software is as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Adexin Tools

Adexin tools are segments of various applications developed throughout internal projects. These solutions can be re-used on your projects to significantly cut development time.


Communication is key. With our reliable customer support, stay informed about the progress of your project, make changes and decisions to better suit your vision.


We provide upper-level flexibility through teamwork and the agile methodology, guaranteeing our customers are fully involved and satisfied with their product.

What industry are you from?

The talented consultants at Adexin will surely provide the necessary support in multiple industries.


Manage, enhance, and control all your forwarding processes and routes with our software development services. We can help with delivery systems, navigation apps, route optimization, freight operations, and inventory and order management.


Take the best of modern technology solutions to power up your transportation business processes. Our custom software development company works with TMS, tracking and trucking solutions, mobility systems, and applications.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain systems can be integrated into every stage of the supply process. From procurement solutions to enterprise resource planning, we can help our clients decrease labor costs and increase operational efficiencies.

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Case Studies

Case studies reflecting our abilities in custom software solution development.

case: p04.08 airport: mobile 1
case: p04.08 airport: mobile 2

Mobile app for airport

Mobile and web application development for airports, ready to support an extensive customer network. The app would provide crucial flight and airport data and focus on enhancing user experience.
May - June 2018
Custom software
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case: p04.11 reliant: desktop
case: p04.11 reliant: mobile

Electronic record system

A cloud-based electronic record system with two-factor authentication designed for medical and rehab facilities. The task consisted of cloud migration and a total overhaul of legacy source code.
United States
2014 - 2017
Digital transformation, Custom software & Consulting
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