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Software development consultancy

Efficient and robust software is quickly becoming the forefront of a successful business. With a team of experienced developers, project managers, QA specialists, designers, and more, our consulting services will provide you with the expertise needed to solve problems that may come across during each stage of development, providing tailor-made solutions and advice, helping you and your company reach success.

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Our services

Technology consulting

At the core, Adexin is a technology company. We are continuously working on improving and expanding our skill set. If your problem is within our competency, our consultants will use their expertise and knowledge to resolve it.

Solutions consulting

We can consult on constructing a practical and beneficial technical solution for your specific product. A correct solution requires brainstorming, an accurate assessment of resources, and a detailed, well-thought-out roadmap of necessary steps.

Digital transformation consulting

We can share our experience, provide advice, and realize your business transformation. New technologies are at the forefront of any modern business. Technological adoption is a requirement for any successful company.

Distributed team consulting

We have vast experience in the formulation of distributed technical teams. As physical presence at central headquarters is decreasing in priority, and employees can practically work from anywhere in the world, we can consult on how to set up distributed teams for any project by utilizing tools like organizational software, online communication apps, and cloud environments.

Quick facts

With over a decade of operation, we are proud of the key milestones we have reached through hard work, and successful collaboration.

  • Foundation2011

    Adexin has been operating continuously since 2011, amassing extensive skill and experience.

  • Projects100+

    We have successfully delivered more than 100 projects spanning different development areas.

  • Clients70+

    We value every client we have collaborated with and hope we can be the company of your choice.

How we can help

Our experts can help you construct IT solutions that best fit your company and vision.

We can help identify and resolve flaws affecting efficiency and scalability by assessing whether your software can meet your current and future needs. We can find ways to modernize and improve your software by planning strategies to tackle certain problematic scenarios that may arise in the future.

Software development is our forte

Let Adexin guide your development

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How we start our cooperation

  • 1

    Free consultation

    1 day

    The discussion of your business expectations and needs. Choosing the required type of consulting service, such as process consulting, architecture consulting, technology consulting, and solution implementation.

  • 2

    NDA+MSA signing

    1-2 days

    We recommend signing the NDA and MSA policies, finalizing the agreed-upon obligations and responsibilities, guaranteeing your data’s privacy by creating a confidential relationship between the involved parties.

  • 3

    “Let’s make it happen”

    Once everything is agreed upon and legally formalized, we initiate the process.

Tech full-stack consulting

We have considerable experience in the implementation of various technologies. During this phase, we will determine the stack that can solve most of the tasks during this phase. We, as a company, constantly enrich our expertise in the field.


Typescript offers high scalability, enhanced debugging opportunities, and cross-platform compatibility, sporting a 78% usage ratio among professional developers.


Node.js is a server-side Javascript runtime environment that offers speed of development and scalability, simultaneously operating flawlessly under heavy data loads.


React is an open-source front-end library used in creating dynamic web applications with enhanced performance and functionality, offering cross-platform compatibility and UX-focused design opportunities.


AWS is a cost-effective cloud computing platform provided by Amazon and offers organization tools such as compute power, database storage, and content delivery services.

Why Adexin

Why we are the correct consulting agency for you.


Our full-stack developers can advise and guide you on all phases of custom solution development, covering all technical requirements from client-side to server-side.

Tech focus

We understand the importance of solid focus and accumulating experience in specific fundamental directions. With every new client, our understanding of technological nuances increases, and at this point, we're highly confident in our abilities and see the development strategy intuitively.

Expert group

By working with us, you can access our expert group composed of our most experienced specialists. The expert group can advise you on any question or task within our area of specialty, offering insight into your issue based on vast experience and knowledge.

The client is a priority

Our contracts are designed to have the client’s interests at the forefront. We offer flexible terms and try to adapt to your situation to the best of our abilities. In case of financial or technical issues, you can shrink or expand your team or even suspend our cooperation with a month’s notice.

We’re here to help

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Case Studies

Take a look at our past projects to see if our consulting services are right for your business.

case: p04.15 eteu: desktop

Shipping document management platform

Blockchain-backed paperless documentation management for shipping companies. The solution with built-in security and compliance enables the safe and timely generation, editing, and exchange of documents.
United Kingdom
DT & Consulting
Transportation & Logistics
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case: p04.01 moomin move: desktop
case: p04.01 moomin move: mobile

Location-based CMS for a game in the real-world

Back-end and CMS development for a location-based game. The project involved heavy data analysis and QA.
LBS, Consulting & Custom software
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