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Back-end consulting

Back-end development is the core development stage of your software. The quality of code used in this stage affects your software's scalability, efficiency, and functionality. Adexin provides consulting services that can help improve the operational structure of your product using modern open-source back-end solutions and technologies.

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Our back-end services

Cloud back-end development

Adexin provides back-end services that support cloud infrastructure. Our primary focus during development is to allow your software to operate under heavy loads without latency problems and provide the choice to scale up and down depending on your business needs.

Back-end consulting

Our experienced consultants can help you locate and resolve back-end problems causing performance declines and provide high-quality solutions to improve the architecture of your software.

API development and integration

Adexin offers API-first back-end solutions and third-party API integration. Improve cooperation and data sharing with your business partners, solve communication issues, and extend the functionality of your software.

Back-end dedicated teams

With our dedicated teams, tackle your long-term back-end projects. Adexin employs a team of experienced developers that can supply the expertise and knowledge required to produce a quality software core.

What you get

We strive to adhere to the best practices and implementations of back-end solutions available. Here are the main characteristics of the software you will get.

Latest Tech

Using the latest technologies ensure a smooth development process, simultaneously opening up future opportunities for advanced tech implementation and software architecture upgrades.


A stable back-end is a crucial component for smooth operating software. We seek to continuously hone our skills to ensure the delivery of failure-free back-end systems.

Open-source as a basis

Our back-end developers are proficient at utilizing open-source solutions, increasing your software security, and significantly reducing the project duration.

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Technology stack

Our experts are trained to utilize the latest technologies needed to equip your software with the tools and potential it requires to satisfy the needs of your business.

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Why to choose Adexin

With many companies to choose from, here are the reasons we believe Adexin can be the right choice for you.


Adexin has been developing back-end systems since its founding. With 100+ projects ready for display, our team of developers is ready to face new challenges.

Focus on scalability

The scalability of your software is of huge importance. The developers at Adexin will deliver the back-end ready for the explosive growth of your business.


We aim to adhere to the best practices of back-end development. We utilize unit testing and API automation testing whenever it can benefit your end product.

Top service

Since our founding, flexibility, transparency, and a sense of personal responsibility are qualities we do our best to maintain. We are proud of our past collaborations and projects, which have earned us favorable reviews and a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch.

Major industries

We provide professional back-end consulting services in all major logistics industries. We guarantee that our solutions will help companies improve processes and all key growth indicators.


We deliver complete back-end consulting in the logistics sector. Thanks to our custom development, you will receive an individual approach to optimizing your company services. We will improve warehouse management, and operating systems, and move your business to a new level.


We offer back-end consulting services on transport management. We implement all possible integrations and expand the functionality of your products and services. Optimize delivery planning, management of transportation, and routing schedules.

Supply Chain

We enable back-end consulting services for your supply chain operations. With our solutions, you optimize your transport operations and work with carriers and suppliers. We will help to implement complete synchronization of all participants in the chain from anywhere in the world.

Focused custom back-end development

DMS solutions

We provide custom document management systems solutions created to improve operational efficiency for startups and SMBs. Whether you need to enhance document control or streamline management processes, we are here to take your business to new heights. Adexin can help with the automation of invoice approval and contract management, document flow, and many more.

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Freight MS Development

We deliver custom freight management systems with advanced system features to help streamline your logistics and transportation operations. We can optimize freight rate mechanisms, demand analytics, route planning, truck driver scheduling, and many more solutions. Enhance your interoperability within the supply chain with first-class freight management software.

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EPR software

We develop custom enterprise resource planning systems with easy-to-integrate modules to exceed your needs and achieve your business goals by leveraging the features and capabilities of the modern industry. Our company offers tailored development services with supply chain and order management, procurement, and inventory management.

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Fleet MS solutions

We enable fleet management software solutions for your business, thanks to which you can achieve precision management and data-driven decision-making. Adexin company can realize solutions like truck planning and scheduling, shipping dispatch, and fuel management, as well as decisions with documents and intermodal transportation.

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Case Studies

Our case studies represent the back-end development skills we have gained during past projects. Have a look.

case: p04.02 navigine: desktop

Admin site for indoor positioning software

An indoor positioning system development that could show accurate location within shopping malls, airports, and other public gathering spaces. The project included back-end and mobile SDK development.
United States & Russia
2015 - ongoing
LBS, Consulting & Dedicated teams
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case: p04.01 moomin move: desktop
case: p04.01 moomin move: mobile

Location-based CMS for a game in the real-world

Back-end and CMS development for a location-based game. The project involved heavy data analysis and QA.
LBS, Consulting & Custom software
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