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Dedicated teams

A Dedicated development team is a collaboration model employed throughout the business world. Jumpstart your long-term projects with a team of hand-picked professionals wholly committed to your goals. Adexin can provide developers with a wide range of skills while handling recruitment, training, and HR support, allowing you to focus on your business needs.

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Our Dedicated teams

Full Stack consultants

Our full-stack consultants aim to augment your product by pinpointing inefficiencies and potential upgrades in the front-end and back-end, improving the development strategy.

Front-end consultants

Improve user experience with the guidance of our experienced Front-end developers.

Back-end consultants

Adexin provides the expertise needed to upgrade the scalability and performance of the functional core of your software.

QA engineers

Our QA engineers can provide the guarantee needed to release your product to the end-users safely.

Mobile app consultants

Adexin offers the guidance of professional mobile app developers, aimed to improve the design, integration, and deployment of your consumer-oriented mobile software.

UX/UI designers

Create an engaging digital experience with a dedicated UX/UI team. Design intuitive client-focused interfaces to impress at first sight.

What to expect

Long-term partnership

Here at Adexin, we value the relationships we build during our collaboration. The average duration of our partnerships is three years, while some have crossed the 8-year threshold, improving the synergy and communication, resulting in increased efficiency of our teamwork.

Personal responsibility

We cherish our clients and seek to commit to our collaboration wholly. We feel a sense of personal responsibility for your project and want to see it through to completion.

Top service

Quality and customer satisfaction are a top priority for Adexin. Through our hard work, Clutch marketplace recognized Adexin as a top B2B Consulting Company in our region in 2021.

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How we start our cooperation

  • 1

    Initial meeting

    1 day

    A free consultation during which you will be provided with all the necessary information about us. The purpose of the meeting is to see if we are a fit for each other.

  • 2

    NDA signing

    1 day

    Your privacy is our first priority. The NDA agreement provides total security for your sensitive information.

  • 3

    Detailed meeting

    1 day

    A detailed examination of your IT requirements and specification. Discussion of the project and the agreement.

  • 4

    Selecting the team

    1 day up to 1 month

    Headhunting for the correct team, depending on your project. The duration relies on your requirements and staff availability.

  • 5

    Client interview

    1 day or up to client

    The interview and approval of the team performed by the client. Usually, one general and one technical interview are enough.

  • 6

    MSA signing

    1-2 days

    After successful team selection, the legal formalization of the achieved agreements is performed.

  • 7

    “Let’s get the party started”

    As soon as everything is done the work on the project begins.

Why Adexin

Hiring a Dedicated team is a significant decision that will impact your company's productivity. We hope our qualities will help you make the right decision.


The experts at Adexin have a long history of successful projects. The average IT experience of our consultants has crossed the 8-year mark.


Teamwork is key to productivity. Adexin offers enhanced flexibility to ensure the continuation of our cooperation. Clients can set up the process of development and work as they prefer.


The IT market is fast developing. Worker tenure in the IT industry is about three years. Thanks to a personal sense of loyalty, the employees at Adexin maintain a steady occupancy of 5 years, resulting in a substantial decrease in project disruption.

The customer is a priority

Adexin's business model is designed to keep the client’s best interests in mind. If any issues arise, be they financial, personal, or concerning our work, our clients have the opportunity to resize their dedicated team or even suspend our collaboration with a month's notice. Our contracts are devised to allow the client to manage their project and budget.

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Case Studies

Here are some case studies of the former projects our dedicated teams have completed.

case: p04.15 eteu: desktop

Shipping document management platform

Blockchain-backed paperless documentation management for shipping companies. The solution with built-in security and compliance enables the safe and timely generation, editing, and exchange of documents.
United Kingdom
DT & Consulting
Transportation & Logistics
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case: p04.11 reliant: desktop
case: p04.11 reliant: mobile

Electronic record system

A cloud-based electronic record system with two-factor authentication designed for medical and rehab facilities. The task consisted of cloud migration and a total overhaul of legacy source code.
United States
2014 - 2017
Digital transformation, Custom software & Consulting
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