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Adexin — AI software development company

Adexin is an AI development company that provides professional artificial intelligence development services with an understanding of the client's business and requirements. Our experienced and well-organized team will help you make quick and correct decisions for your business.

Leverage artificial intelligence to create next-generation enterprise solutions

Data science

Data science deals with large volumes of information and involves collecting, processing, analyzing, and interpreting data to get insights. Data scientists use it to drive the decision-making process by identifying trends, patterns, and correlations in any business area.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics reviews current and historical data to forecast future trends and outcomes. It involves the use of statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques. It can be used for customer targeting, forecasting demand, fraud detection, risk assessment, etc.

Computer vision

Computer vision combines AI software solutions and computer science in order to interpret visual information. AI algorithms and techniques allow recognizing objects and analyzing the content of images and video, which can be used in healthcare, surveillance, navigation, etc.

AI integration

Integrated AI models such as ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion open new opportunities for automation and optimization. They often involve a combination of different techniques to achieve more stable and comprehensive results and cover most business needs in one solution.

AI automation of business processes

AI development solutions allow to automate the repetitive and routine tasks within business operations. They can optimize areas like data entry and analysis, customer support inventory management, document processing, and more. Businesses leveraging AI can cut costs and increase efficiency.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that focuses on training artificial neural networks to learn and understand data. This allows machines to make decisions and solve complex problems in areas like natural language processing, speech recognition, recommendation systems, etc.

When to use artificial intelligence software?

The development of artificial intelligence allows us to utilize technology to augment and automate routine human tasks. At Adexin AI development agency, we use such AI development services to help our clients save costs and streamline their processes. We provide scalable and cloud-based solutions with a specific industrial focus.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the basis of AI solutions that use algorithms to promote business growth. It works with large datasets, collecting, analyzing, and categorizing them to find trends and patterns and use them to make informed decisions.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing, or NLP, can be used in day-to-day tasks like video and audio transcription, and large-scale solutions like voice assistance and opinion mining. It utilizes AI software to analyze large volumes of text — both written and recorded.

Autonomous systems

AI can be used in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and industrial automation, where machines perform tasks without human intervention. It enables self-driving cars, automated manufacturing processes, and robotic process automation, where most work is done by self-regulated machines.

Predictive modeling

Predictive modeling involves developing AI models to make predictions or forecasts based on historical data. The results collected in the process of machine learning allow the creation of predictive models of the future in finance, logistics, supply chain management, etc.

Industry-specific AI development

As for industry-specific solutions, AI software development can be tailored to fit businesses in every niche. We assist companies in the areas of logistics, supply chain, and transportation to help them get the most out of AI at every step.


In the logistics industry, AI is used for route optimization, risk management, virtual assistance, forecasting demand, etc. It allows for building navigation routes, connecting drivers and vehicles, and managing the whole transportation process.

Supply chain

Custom AI solutions streamline business processes in this field. It helps manage inventories, connect and support the suppliers, stock and restock warehouses efficiently, and monitor every step in the supply chain.


AI software development services improve and expedite the transportation processes, making fewer areas for mistakes and idle. From freight management to autonomous vehicles, AI ensures every stage goes as smoothly as possible.

Focused custom AI software solutions

Document management systems

Tailored DMS solutions designed to enhance operational effectiveness for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as startups. Whether you need to improve document control or optimize management procedures, we are ready to offer cutting-edge AI solutions. Adexin specializes in automating tasks such as invoice approval, contract management, document flow, and more, to support your business growth.

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Freight management systems

Customized Freight MS solutions come with advanced functionalities created to simplify your logistics and transportation operations. Our offerings encompass enhancing freight rates, assessing demand, strategizing routes, coordinating truck drivers' schedules, and more. Improve your connectivity throughout the supply chain with high-quality embedded AI solution services.

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Enterprise resource planning systems

Personalized EPR software, incorporating modular designs for seamless integration, aiming to surpass your requirements and fulfill your business objectives. Our services encompass customized development, including supply chain and order management, procurement, and inventory control. We place great emphasis on providing services in the field of AI implementation and are ready to help you with this.

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Fleet management software

Fleet MS solutions are tailored to your business needs, enabling precise management and data-informed decision-making. Take charge of your fleet effectively and foster sustainable business growth thanks to AI solutions. Adexin offers services such as truck scheduling, shipping dispatch, fuel management, and streamlined decision-making processes, including document handling and intermodal transportation.

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Main stages of creating AI software

An efficient process of AI software development consists of the following steps:

  • 1

    Understanding needs

    1 week

    This step usually includes a series of meetings between you and our teams to discuss your business needs and pains. Also, we suggest signing an NDA to protect your sensitive information.

  • 2

    Solution and estimation

    1 week

    When requirements are clear enough, our team of experts determines the best suitable solution and provides a rough estimation of required time and resources, based on their extensive experience.

  • 3

    Project planning

    1 week

    When we understand the scope of the project, we will jointly plan the budget, timeline, and team structure. Also, this phase includes drafting an official agreement.

  • 4

    Phase 1.0

    ~3-12 months

    Adexin strongly recommends determining which functions and features of the new software are critical for the business and need to be implemented and tested in the first place. This phase can also be called the MVP phase. Usually, we follow the Kanban methodology during logistics software development. This gives the project flexible planning, fast output, clear focus, and transparency during the development cycle. We apply a Full picture reporting approach to make sure all parties are clear about the progress. This approach includes each team member's daily status reports, the whole team's weekly reports, biweekly demos, and monthly invoicing.

  • 5

    Phase 1.0 test

    ~1-2 months

    Getting the initial feedback from real users is very important. Having an MVP helps you to test your assumptions and business model. It allows you to really understand how users use the software, what should be added, and what needs to be fixed.

  • 6

    Phase 2.0 and more

    as much as needed

    Congrats, your first test showed that the project is promising and worth expanding. We will be glad to continue working on your project and grow together. The next phases can contain advanced features, additional functions, and logic requested by your users.

Our AI development technology stack

Adexin has a wide technology stack, comprising the most used AI tools and frameworks in AI application development services.


Python is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use programming languages. It provides a wide library and a set of tools making it a perfect technology to program applications across industries. It is regarded by professionals for its power and flexibility.


PyTorch is an open-source framework developed by Facebook's AI Research lab. It is used in the deep learning field and provides a flexible approach to building neural networks. This framework allows the integration of trained models into different environments.


ONNX, or Open Neural Network Exchange, is an open format for sharing deep learning models between frameworks. It is known for its deployment features that allow the integration of different models seamlessly into various frameworks. It has a broad ecosystem and a large developer community.


OpenMMLab is focused on developing open-source tools and libraries for working with multimedia sources. It can be easily integrated with PyTorch to develop advanced vision models. Overall, it’s a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners in the field.


PaddlePaddle is an open-source deep-learning platform developed by Baidu. It mostly works with training and deploying machine learning models. It is flexible and scalable, allowing for experimentation and rapid prototyping in domains like NLP and deep learning.


MediaPipe is a framework developed by Google used for developing pipelines for multimedia processing. It is compatible with the majority of operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS and supports iOs and Android. MediaPipe can handle different content types and formats.


Keras is a Python-based framework with advanced API that allows developers to easily build and train deep learning models. It’s user-friendly, accessible, and compatible with different backends, which makes it a perfect tool for both beginners and experienced specialists.


NumPy, or Numerical Python, is an open-source library for numerical computing in Python. It facilitates working with large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices. It is a powerful tool that serves as the basis for many scientific and large Python applications.


Torch is an open-code computing network. It is written in the Lua scripting language and is used for creating deep neural networks. The framework can be utilized for machine learning, signal processing, image/video/audio processing, and much more.


TensorFlow is another framework built by Google. It deals with the field of deep machine learning and facilitates the building and training of learning models. One of its key benefits is having an extensive ecosystem of tools and resources to work with models at scale.


OpenVINO stands for Open Visual Inference and Neural Network Optimization. It’s a toolkit created by Intel to facilitate the deployment of deep-learning models on Intel hardware platforms like GPUs, CPUs, FPGAs, and Vision Processing Units.

tech: opencv


OpenCV or Open Source Computer Vision is a library that works with image processing algorithms. It allows developers to easily work with photo and video content and perform visual data and recognition tasks. It is used in robotics, surveillance, healthcare, AR, etc.

Hugging Face Transformers

Hugging Face Transformers deals with natural-language processing models and tools. It can conduct a wide range of tasks, which include machine translation, text classification, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and question answering. It is the most popular library when it comes to NLP tasks.


The name “YOLO” stands for You Only Look Once, and it is used in computer vision tasks. It has gained popularity due to its advanced object-recognition capabilities and is used in surveillance systems, autonomous driving, and image analysis.


Amazon Web Services Machine Learning is a comprehensive set of services and tools which was introduced by Amazon Web Services. It enables developers to work with learning models in the cloud. It facilitates their deployment into various systems in the cloud environment.

AI models we have expertise in


GPT-3.5 is the most used and recognized language model, which was created by OpenAI. It can automate routine tasks and decrease the time needed for their implementation. We have an extensive experience with this tool and developing generative AI solutions.


GPT-4 is a newer and more advanced version of GPT-3 and 3.5. It was launched in March 2023, and we’ve been using it since its launch for data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics purposes in various fields.

Stable Diffusion

The Stable Diffusion AI tool creates images based on the prompt text. It is not as comprehensive as GPT, but it allows us to assist clients with their 3D modeling, image processing, content synthesis, and marketing needs.

Why Adexin

A unique symbiosis of education and practical experience helps our custom logistics software development company solve customer tasks at the highest possible quality level.

Adexin Tools

Adexin Tools includes software solutions for logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries. Our business software development company is currently working on creating our IP, which accumulates our industrial and technical expertise in the form of a ready-made codebase.

Industrial focus and education

Our industrial focus is logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries. We strive to deepen our knowledge of these spheres and constantly adopt innovations that will benefit our clients and their projects. Our most recent training courses were Procurement and Logistics Management (International Supply Chain Education Alliance), Supply Chain Innovation (University of Twente), and Supply Chain Principles (Georgia Institute of Technology).

Effective process

Adexin is recognized as one of the top software developer companies in supply chain, logistics, and transportation globally by Clutch. Our experts work with the client's needs in mind, making sure their main objectives and preferences are taken into consideration. Our hard work and consistency in all business processes ensure our clients receive high-quality solutions.

Full-stack software development

Full-stack teams working with both back- and front-end are capable of working on all possible aspects of web and mobile app development. They can help advance your business and increase revenue by implementing the latest technology, including ML and AI algorithms.

Adjustable process

Hired a small software development team and want to expand it? Need to add or remove new features? Adexin is happy to adjust the initiated process to your demands. We offer flexible contracts to make sure your changing needs are accounted for at every stage of our collaboration.

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud technology is an on-demand, self-service environment that helps lower costs, increase performance, and provide more options for innovation. With cloud access, you also get increased agility and flexibility, which are essential for every type of project, especially in logistics.

Scalable solutions

Our logistics software solutions provide scalability options for maximum revenue increase at a minimal additional cost. Whether you want to add additional features or multiply your user base, we are always ready for scaling.

Expert Group

Exclusive for our clients, we offer the help of an expert group of heavily experienced professionals. By collaborating with our software building company, you can receive the assistance of our expert group to help solve or advise on any issue within their area of expertise.

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An Android and iOS application, as well as Web portal development for truckers and trucking businesses. The software would streamline payment and documentation submission while supporting cargo pick-up and delivery processes.
United States
CTOaaS & Digital Transformation
Logistics & Transportation
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If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us or schedule a free consultation. We are always ready to answer your questions.

What is AI development?

AI solutions development includes creating and implementing AI-based systems and models. It utilizes different methods and techniques to create a system that can understand prompts, learn, collect, and analyze data and make complex decisions.

What are the six types of AI?

AI development is an umbrella term that includes different types or branches of artificial intelligence. They can be divided into groups according to their main tasks, and the most recognized ones include:

  • Machine learning

  • Deep learning

  • Neural networks

  • Natural language processing

  • Computer vision

  • Predictive modeling

What services can AI provide?

AI development services can include everything that can be automated and streamlined. They can work with images and text recognition, collect and analyze data, make forecasts, structure info, and even predict the future based on large amounts of past data. Artificial intelligence services can be used in industries like healthcare, logistics, supply chain, surveillance, security, transportation, and much more.

What are the 4 stages of AI development?

AI development stages show the complexity of AI solutions and their main functions. They range from the simplest ones to the most comprehensive and complex. According to some categorizations it includes:

  • Reactive AI that provides an answer based on your input (like Netflix)

  • Limited Memory AI uses and builds the knowledge to perform classification tasks (like the ones we use now)

  • Theory of Mind AI that almost behaves and answers like human

  • Self-aware AI — the most advanced stage of awareness.

Can you create your own AI program?

Yes, you create the simplest artificial intelligence services and solutions having enough business intelligence expertise and experience and using the right tools. However, most advanced solutions require a whole team or a custom AI solutions provider.

How much does an AI developer cost?

There is no one answer to such a question. It depends on the task complexity, the expertise of AI developers, and the type of AI solution needed. However, it is one of the most pricey jobs that is gaining popularity.

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