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AdexinBlogSBNE event in London (April 2022)

SBNE event in London (April 2022)

Apr 29, 2022
2 mins

We are grateful for the invite and are happy to share our thoughts. “The Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre (SBREC) is an educational business research support service provided by the City of London Corporation to help small businesses start, grow and develop through our business resources. We provide business growth events, through unique partnerships with industry professionals and experts. We provide answers to questions about starting a business and/or developing an existing one.”

Alona was able to disseminate the information about our business and our prospects. As well as share some tips and comments about starting the company, its operation, and its abilities.

People have congratulated us on our expansion to the UK. “Revenue in the UK IT Services market is projected to reach US$83.17bn in 2022*”. Our team has made this decision after researching more about the UK and considering the existed contacts as the future clients.

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Article by:
Iryna Stepchenko

Our 10+ years of expertise in MPV development and reviews on Clutch are giving us a grand advantage over our competitors.

*data retrieved from Statista ( on 29.04.2022

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