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AdexinBlogWelcome to Tech Week London 2024: Adexin visiting the UK

Welcome to Tech Week London 2024: Adexin visiting the UK

Jul 1, 2024
5 min

Tech Week London is an annual event dedicated to the technology industry from all over the world. The latest Edition of the Tech Week London event took place between 10-12 June 2024. The event attracted over 1000+ investors, 45.000 visitors, and 5.000 startups. These weren’t the only impressive numbers, because internally there were 70+ connected events where the main stage was taken by over 350+ keynote speakers global tech advocates, and many people from the Royal Academy.

Adexin visited London not for the first time of course. Not so long ago, our staff was permanently operating in the UK, but this time, I traveled to visit this incredibly thoughtful event.

By following the industrial trend, we could get more updates on what technology advances giants like DHL or IBM may seek to provide their customers in the supply chain, logistics, and transportation landscape.

Taking advantage of many insightful conversations, we also shared our knowledge about our main industrial focus, which is logistics, transportation, and SCM software development. See more in our short wrap-up of what happened during Tech Week London 2024.

The stage at Tech Week London 2024
The stage at Tech Week London 2024

Top highlights of London Tech Week 2024 

In the UK, we are already familiar with several London Tech Week events, but this one is among the most prominent. This is because, despite its strict focus on digital transformation, technology, and start-up development, there is always a huge interest from companies that are within our scope of interest.

As mentioned, during the event we met several representatives from the supply and logistics industry, such as DHL, BaxterFreight, and giants like Unilever and IBM, Microsoft UK, whose booth was one of the largest and centrally located at the venue.

London Tech Week 2024 highlighted for me the forefront of technological innovation with visionary insights from leaders across industries.

Tech Week London 2024
Tech Week London 2024

Let’s say, what I experienced was in-depth studies of the startup ecosystem and influential discussions on social impact. Here are the main topics:

Artificial intelligence

Here, everyone could hear about the rapid development of artificial intelligence that is transforming industries, prompting discussions on ethics. This was, let's say, another AI summit in London. These are our real-world implications and what is increasing operational efficiency.

The future of security and data

This subject was moved towards data privacy at the forefront. The event explored emerging threats, proactive solutions, and ethical responsibilities for protecting sensitive information.

The talent of tomorrow

Touching on the changing labor market included discussions on upskilling. This was a bit for the HR department, as we saw that there is huge talent hunting but nevertheless, the subject of talent retention strategies and lifelong learning to prepare the future workforce is super important.

Presentation at Tech Week London 2024
Presentation at Tech Week London 2024

A profound technological revolution

Innovations in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and other areas of deep technology were presented for their potential. I could see how tech innovation is revolutionizing industries and expanding human capabilities. Indeed, because not only AI was driving the event but also automation and robotics.

Green innovations

The role of technology in sustainable development includes discussions on environmentally friendly solutions is everywhere on the top. At the Tech Week London venue, we could see closed-loop economy practices, and how they’re creating a sustainable future through collaboration between technology and business.

Main values offered by the London Tech Week 2024

Tech Week London's  car
Tech Week London's  car

Innovators and visions

London Tech Week is the gateway to the world of breakthrough ideas and industry titans. Join us as we discover cutting-edge solutions that are changing our lives and tackling the world's most pressing challenges.

Boston Dynamics at Tech Week London 2024
Boston Dynamics at Tech Week London 2024

Global Technology Center

I was at the venue, and couldn’t imagine a more vibrant space where the best minds from more than 90 countries come together. London Tech Week combines the wealth of British innovation and investment with the global technology ecosystem. Here, I and over 40.000 people could get closer to international stakeholders, forge partnerships, exchange ideas, and discover the next big opportunities that will redefine industries around the world.

Business expansion

When you visit London Tech Week, you should get ready for an unforgettable experience. There wasn’t doubt that London Tech Week expanded far more beyond the scope of the tech market. What was found during the event, it offers a brand-new venue full of exciting features designed to stimulate creativity and networking.

Is worth noting, that as for Adexin, the same for other businesses, it was a great opportunity for diving into the dynamic spirit of the technology industry, business expansion, and great network to get insight into the latest developments that are shaping the future. Not only our in IT industry but everywhere in the world we know today.

Unilever at Tech Week London 2024
Unilever at Tech Week London 2024

Meaningful connections, unlimited potential

London Tech Week is redefining networking at some point with its tech London advocates. Startups, let’s call them “scaleups” – what I heard from many visitors at the venue - are establishing a leading platform to connect with VCs, CVCs, and business angels.

We get access to meeting spaces and advanced event apps to ensure that every interaction is very purposeful and productive. It's good to know that Adexin can be visible as a potential partner that can drive your business forward.

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Article by:
Iryna Stepchenko

Key perspective on collaboration & enterprise tech leaders

London Tech Week is a melting pot of inspiration and collaboration. Here, I heard the stories of founders who have built technology empires. Moreover, we engaged in interesting opinion exchanges and observed that even some tech giants are still on the development curve. This aspect is crucial for companies aiming to stay ahead of the competition. You need to be in the right place as one of the enterprise tech leaders.

Canva at Tech Week London 2024
Canva at Tech Week London 2024

While attending sessions that spur innovation and learning from industry leaders' experiences, there was an opportunity to connect with like-minded innovators and provide insights into the logistics and transportation industry. It's incredible how many companies consider themselves as one-size-fits-all solutions when they lack the capabilities to do so. This was actually my unpleasant experience with some business developers. So, our message from the USA is clear: please pay attention to the details and do not overestimate your capabilities.

We emphasize this because what we've learned at Adexin over the last decade is to find your niche and not promise small and medium-sized businesses in logistics. Let's say, for example, that we can create a WMS software solution for them when we don't actually understand how it works. You cannot get on the learning curve, while your customer trusts you’re an expert in the industry. Also, how would you feel if a technology officer from your customer company already finds out that your team doesn't have the skills?

Adexin has accumulated extensive knowledge about logistics systems over a long period, and we acknowledge that we can't develop software for every industry, despite our back-end services expertise in Node.js, NextJS, Javascript, and other popular coding languages. It's that simple. Find your niche and specialize to deliver the best solutions for one, not for all. This is the way to solve the world's biggest problems.

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Summarize: the global tech ecosystem intersects

London Tech Week pushed collaboration and continuous learning. This is where the global tech ecosystem intersects. Talks with experts stressed the value of specialization and realistic capabilities. Adexin's success in logistics reinforces the power of niche expertise for tailored solutions. It was almost a week-long celebration in the hi-tech and IT industry. Overall, London Tech Week 2024 wasn't just about tech. It fostered networking, collaboration, and crucial insights for navigating today's fast-changing tech world.

Message for logistics leaders: Don't miss out! Learn how Adexin crafts powerful things. Get custom logistics solutions and beyond. Contact one of the enterprise tech leaders today to unlock our expertise and navigate the future together.



What is Tech Week London?

Tech Week London is an annual global technology event that attracts industry leaders, investors, startups, and innovators from around the world. The 2024 edition attracted more than 1,000 investors, 45,000 visitors, and 5,000 startups.

Why did Adexin visit Tech Week London 2024?

Adexin visited the event to stay abreast of technological advances in supply chain, logistics, and transportation, engage in insightful conversations, and share its expertise in logistics and SCM.

What were the key topics at London Tech Week 2024?

Key topics included artificial intelligence, the future of security and data, tomorrow's talent, the deep technology revolution, green innovation, and empowering entrepreneurship.

How does London Tech Week facilitate business expansion and networking?

The event offers a vibrant space for more than 40,000 attendees from over 90 countries to form partnerships, exchange ideas, and explore new opportunities. It offers new features to stimulate creativity and networking, making it ideal for business expansion.

What is Adexin's advice to other companies based on their Tech Week London experience?

Adexin advises companies to find their niche, specialize in their field, and avoid over-promising. This approach ensures that they deliver the best solutions to their customers and maintain credibility in their industry.

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