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AdexinBlogReuters Events - Supply Chain Europe 2023

Reuters Event - Supply Chain Europe 2023

Nov 8, 2023
5 min

Reuters events consistently provide a platform for industry leaders to discuss the latest developments, including the role of custom application software. Against the backdrop of the Supply Chain Europe 2023 conference, held in Brussels on October 24-25, custom application software took center stage, with more than 400 executives and senior managers exploring its impact on cybersecurity, quality document control, sustainability, customer loyalty, and revenue enhancement. The event demonstrated how customized software solutions are transforming supply chains and helping companies remain agile in the face of changing challenges.

Bringing together leaders across the Supply Chain

The Reuters Events always implicate an exciting dose-up on top developments. A strong network of connections allows us to gather decision-makers from the most influential industries, hailing from Europe's foremost retailers, manufacturers, and transportation providers. These events serve as a collaborative platform to explore innovative responses to these industry-redefining challenges.

Supply and demand planners, logistics, and transportation managers must now proactively implement strategies for cyber security. They need to follow smart forecasting and maintain transparent sustainability initiatives. To strengthen customer loyalty, they are keen to invest in advanced data-sharing systems or transportation route optimization software. There is no doubt that today, supply chain optimization can improve efficiency and increase revenue.

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Article by:
George Maksimenko

Supply Chain Europe 2023

Between 24-25 October 2023, Brussels in Belgium took place at Supply Chain Europe 2023 fairs. The event gathered over 400 C-suite and senior management, giving 50 industry-leading speeches, where 50% was the strong appearance of shipper companies. During two days, all attendees have the opportunity to exchange experiences and explore solutions to industry challenges. [1] The event has covered these topics:

  • Transforming the supply chain into a digital, agile, and connected enterprise that breaks down outdated structures.

  • Managing the complexities of new regulations to create transparent and sustainable value chains.

  • Improving decision accuracy through increased transparency that is driven by enhanced and automated digital infrastructure.

Adexin has a significant opportunity to participate in this event. Taking part in this event positions us at the forefront of the latest developments in transportation and supply chain. We listen to a series of workshops and roundtable discussions designed to promote industry progress. It is evident that progressive conversations are in smaller, carefully selected groups of up to 30 delegates. This format allows us to connect, collaborate, and gain insights from like-minded individuals who share common goals, challenges, and solutions.

Flexport booth at the Reuters Supply Chain Event
Flexport booth at the Reuters Supply Chain Event

Future of the Supply Chain

Supply chain experts from various industries attended the event. We had the opportunity to meet representatives of some of the most recognizable companies in the world, such as DHL, Philips, AstraZeneca, Heineken, and AkzoNobel. Among those were Supply Chain and logistics Directors and other key decision-makers who drive today's market changes.

This event was significant for us because the presented supply chain optimization models fully align with Adexin's dominant approach in business and are helping companies gain substantial advantages.

Transparency and communication are critical factors in logistics optimization. This subject was mentioned during one of the discussion panels: Transparency and communication: the key features to logistical optimization.

Speakers such as Hanno Bruemmer, EVP, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics EMEA & Latin America, Covestro or Marc Bekkers, Director Customer Service & Logistics, Heineken, address topics related to:

  • Nurturing meaningful relationships with carriers and encouraging data sharing.

  • Improving customer service with solutions that provide real-time visibility.

  • Improving order fulfilment with document control processes.

  • Strengthening partnerships with carriers.

Another highlight of the program was the "Fireside Chat," during which presentations focused on "Mastering supply chain velocity through optimized planning processes and control towers." The key takeaway from the presentation was about:

  • Increase speed throughout the supply chain 

  • Reduce lead times

  • Improve customer service 

  • Optimize control towers

  • Streamline processes across the organization

Optimizing control towers includes extensive documentation flow. This topic is often highlighted at many events, as control tower administrators are tasked to maintain good customer relationships but also with handling a considerable amount of documentation. This presents a huge challenge, and there is a need to change the approach by stressing the digitization of documentation handled in control towers.

Business Process Optimization – It All Begins with Documents

Optimization processes have strong links to digital documents. In modern transportation and supply chain operations, data must be continuously collected and tracked. This approach can be accurate only if the company's document flow is digitized. Optimization based on digital digital documents includes:

Document Capture

This function is available in advanced document management systems, enabling the capture and indexing of documents from various sources. It allows, at the same time, transforming documents into easily accessible digital formats.

Document Storage

Document Management Systems (DMS) securely store digital documents in a centralized location. It offers fast and secure access with permission settings. This approach enhances data security and customer satisfaction by restricting document access.

Document Workflow Optimization

DMS automates workflows, including the routing of invoices to accounting and process execution. Process seamlessly integrating with existing systems without disrupting ongoing operations.

Cloud or On-Premises Solutions

Document management systems come in local or cloud-based options. Local systems involve licensing and can be provided through custom software development, which offers highly cost-effective and scalable solutions.

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Final takeaway

The conference offered an excellent opportunity for many companies to learn about how to transform their supply chain with crucial business insights, supply chain software development, outstanding networking opportunities, and real-life business cases. Here are some takeaways that we observed during and after the conference:

Unique networking opportunities

Establishing new business relationships is crucial for any company's growth. It was nice to see that many Logistics and transportation companies are considering the development of custom software to enhance their flexibility.

Benchmark with the best

We took advantage of the rich event agenda by going through real-world case studies covering industries from CPG to pharma, automotive, retail, and transportation. We gained insights into where and how to bring excellence to the supply chain. It became clear to us that by using custom software, transportation companies can increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Find Solutions to Challenges

We had the opportunity to hear about solutions from more than 30 suppliers that are relevant to many national economies. This strengthened our belief about the importance of digitizing transportation documents in today's supply chain business environment.

Adexin has been supporting companies in software development for more than a decade. We help companies to optimize their supply chain and transport operations. Contact us today if you want to know more about process optimization with seamless digital document management flow.

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What is the focus of the Reuters Supply Chain Europe conference?

Supply Chain Europe 2023 focuses on the latest developments in supply chain management and the role of custom software in transforming supply chains.

When and where was Supply Chain Europe 2023 held?

Supply Chain Europe 2023 was held in Brussels, Belgium, on October 24-25, 2023.

Who participated in the event?

More than 400 senior management professionals attended the event, including representatives from well-known companies such as DHL, Philips, AstraZeneca, Heineken, and AkzoNobel.

What were the key topics and conclusions discussed at the conference?

The conference covered various topics, including digital transformation of supply chains, increasing transparency and communication, and the importance of custom software development.

How did the event highlight the importance of digital document management in supply chain optimization?

The conference highlighted the role of digital document management in supply chain optimization, including aspects such as document capture, storage, workflow automation.

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