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Case study

Online language learning portal

This project unites students and tutors of foreign languages, which allows users to find a suitable tutor based on their rating, experience and value. The main goal was to allow users to conduct lessons using video calls in their browser and monetization of lessons based on the time spent.


The most difficult part was to provide the capability to organize video lessons without leaving the portal and to support video calls in as many different browsers as possible.


The solution for video calls was an internally built system for quick and simple embedding of video / audio calls and chat into web projects based on the WebRTC technology.
Multiple browser support was provided by using third-party plug-ins.
Stability for video and audio calls was achieved by using STUN and TURN servers.


The project started with an idea and was finished as a fully functioning system released into production within the initially set timeframe. The client received a complete product to support their business.

Feedback from one of the developers:

“One of the most interesting parts for me was to work on code that performs time/money calculations between a student and a tutor through integration with Braintree and PayPal services. It was my first experience integrating a payment system and I learned a lot.”


– Ruby on Rails for server side
– Bootstrap, jQuery for client side
– WebRTC for video/audio calls
– for immediate chat
– Braintree and Paypal for payments


1 PM, 2 developers, 1 QA


6 months

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