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CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service allows companies to resolve all issues related to the technical aspect of the business. Technical leadership, R&D, budget and resource management, security and compliance, strategic functions — an experienced CTO will cover all these issues and provide strategic assistance. Depending on the client’s requirements, it can be one person or a large team of specialists.

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What is CTO as a Service?

CTO as a Service, also known as outsourced CTO, is a business arrangement allowing companies to hire an experienced Chief Technology Officer on a project basis rather than employing them full-time. CTO combines technical and business responsibilities and can be used in all production or work stages, bringing significant technical value.

Discovery stage

During the discovery phase or initial stage of the project, CTO services can be used to conduct technology evaluation, feasibility analysis, create a project roadmap, and assess potential risks. Their technical knowledge will help align the business's expectations and project reality.

Technical solutions

Outsourced CTO services will come in handy when making architectural and technical decisions and implementing the necessary actions. An experienced Chief Technology Officer can provide insight into what technologies to use to make the end results more profitable and the implementation faster and more efficient.

Project planning

CTO is a person that has extensive strategic and planning experience. By building the project strategy, they can forecast potential risks, determine the range of needed resources, including roles and equipment, and describe each stage of the project development process.

Project scaling

CTO consulting services will be the most beneficial for project scaling. This includes scaling the development teams, technology upgrades, infrastructure scaling, etc. They can also highlight areas in the process that need optimization decisions to allow for future growth.

Recruitment process

While recruitment may not be the primary goal of employing a CTO as a Service, CTOs can still provide valuable thoughts on the process from the strategic and soft skills management point of view. They can assess the job market and pinpoint the development team gaps in the company.

Project audit

When the project is at its full force, on-site or virtual CTO services can help assess the progress and efficiency of the development team, align the current progress with the end results, and determine the areas for improvement.

Who needs the service?


Startups often have limited resources and may lack in-house technical talents. Such companies may not have enough time or money to hire an experienced CTO for a full position. By employing an invited CTO, they can access their extensive expertise and agile team without spending a lot of money and time needed to hire and grow a CTO.

CTO as a service for startups allows beginner companies to focus solely on developing and producing their product without losing the startup share. With CTO consulting services, startups can strategically plan their development during each stage and optimize underperforming areas.


Similarly to startups, small and mid-sized businesses can largely benefit from using fractional CTO services. Such companies already have a basic structure, roles division, as well as product and project management experience. At this point, an experienced CTO can conduct the project audit to highlight the areas that may use improvement. They can pinpoint the optimization options and suggest ways for their implementation.

They can also help with high-tier issues like strategic planning for future development or creating a roadmap for business scaling. CTOs’ expertise allows them to access the market needs and conditions and align them with the business objectives to adjust them. This ensures that the company continues to develop and that its products/services are in demand.

CTO as a Service: The benefits

Retaining focus

With CTO as a Service, businesses can focus on their main area of activity that generates money and leave the high-tier issues like technical planning and road mapping, technology partnerships, and data management to the professional.


CTO as a Service allows businesses to receive a comprehensive technical solution without extra expenditures or losing share in the startup.


CTO as a Service can be one person or include a whole team of specialists. So startups and SMBs can get access to their extensive expertise without spending their money and time on hiring their own CTO.

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Why Adexin

Adexin is a logistics software development company. We are looking forward to our cooperation and hope our skills and expertise will suite your requirements.

Adexin Tools

We are working on creating our own IP, which accumulates our industrial and technical expertise in the form of ready-made codebase. Adexin Tools helps us start new projects more efficiently. It includes solutions for data management and outdoor tracking.

Industrial focus and education

We are on a constant lookout for ways to improve our workflow and deepen our expertise. By being aware of the most recent technology developments, we stay on top of the market and participate in its growth. We adopt innovations that will benefit our clients and their projects, help us improve our operations, and ensure even higher consumer satisfaction.

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud technology is an on-demand, self-service environment. It is essential to achieving end-to-end digital transformation. Cloud-based solutions help lower costs, increase performance, and provide more options for innovation. Increased agility and flexibility also come with cloud access. These two qualities are essential to satisfy a customer and industry expectations.

Expert group

Through Expert Group, you can get access to our top specialists and turn to them for assistance in any matter. A one-stop way to have all your questions answered and concerns addressed!

Effective process

Adexin is recognized as one of the top software developers in supply chain, logistics and transportation globally by Clutch. Our experts always work with the client's needs in mind, sticking to their main objectives and preferences. Our hard work and consistency in all business processes ensure our clients receive high-quality solutions.

Scalable solutions

Modern software needs to be built with scalability in mind. Our logistics software solutions provide scalability options for maximum revenue increase at a minimal additional cost. Our skilled developers build software that can be easily adjusted and enriched with additional features in the future.

Full-stack software development

Full-stack teams are capable of working on many different facets of web and mobile app development, which means they can help advance your business and increase revenue for your firm. Moreover, you'll get improved customer service, quicker time-to-market, higher efficiency, and improved scalability.

Adjustable process

Hired a small development team and want to expand it? Require the addition of new features? Adexin is happy to adjust the initiated process to your demands. We offer flexible contracts to make sure your changing needs are accounted for at every stage of our collaboration.

Major industries

We provide CTO as a Service across all major logistics industries. Our strict focus on our sectors ensures that our CTO service enables small and medium-sized companies to collaborate at the enterprise level and have high-quality processes.


We offer CTO as a Service in the logistics sector. Get excellent technical solutions, clear audits and optimize your team for your logistics business. Get acquainted with the capabilities of the warehouse management system and information about various operations in the system.


We are providers of CTO as a service for transport management operations. Improve and optimize your transport procedures with our functional solutions. Our skills include document management for transportation of various modes of transport from huge trucks to massive sea vessels.

Supply Chain

Thanks to our CTO service, you will achieve significant development in your supply chain. With us, you get the opportunity to control transport operations and coordinate your actions with carriers. Our solutions automate and streamline collaboration processes between various supply chain participants.

CTO service for special focus solutions

Document management systems

Custom DMS solutions created to improve operational efficiency for startups and SMBs. Whether you need to enhance document control or streamline management processes, we are here to take your business to new heights by providing strategic assistance. Adexin can help with the automation of invoice approval and contract management, document flow, and many more.

More about DMS

Transport management systems

Top TMS systems for businesses of any size that want to improve their operations and scale. Adexin supports businesses with custom software for route planning, shipping document management, fleet management, and many other components of TMS. We are ready to provide CTO services to optimize the strategy and its full implementation.

More about TMS

Enterprise resource planning systems

Custom EPR software with easy-to-integrate modules to exceed your needs and achieve your business goals by leveraging the features and capabilities of the modern industry. Our company offers tailored development CTO services with supply chain and order management, procurement, and inventory management.

More about EPR

Fleet management software

Thanks to FMS solutions for your business, you can achieve precision management and data-driven decision-making. Adexin company offers CTO services and can realize solutions like truck planning and scheduling, shipping dispatch, fuel management, and decisions with documents and intermodal transportation.

More about Fleet MS
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Truck owners assistance application

An Android and iOS application, as well as Web portal development for truckers and trucking businesses. The software would streamline payment and documentation submission while supporting cargo pick-up and delivery processes.
United States
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Logistics & Transportation
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What is CTO as a service for startups?

CTO as a Service for startups allows hiring an experienced CTO on a project basis instead of hiring a full-time specialist or growing one inside the team of technical employees. CTO takes on all technical aspects of the project and oversees the software development process.

What are the benefits of CTO as a service?

First and foremost, an external CTO service allows businesses to get access to extensive experience to solve strategic and current issues within the company. CTO can provide insights into the development processes and consult on improving them.

What is virtual CTO as a service?

A virtual CTO provides their CTO services on an outsourced basis. It allows businesses to avoid hiring a full-time specialist and only use the services of the CTO when needed.

What are the benefits of a virtual CTO?

The first and obvious benefit is that it's a cost-effective solution. A virtual CTO brings their tech expertise, management experience, and unique insights that can be applied to any area of the business operation. It is especially beneficial for SMBs and startups that want to access additional technical expertise but maintain control.

What are the two types of CTO?

Generally, CTOs can be divided into two types – in-house CTOs and outsourced CTOs (CTO as a Service). The first one is a full-time executive overseeing the whole operation process technology-wise, while the other one is a paid professional with wide experience working on a project basis.

What does a fractional CTO do?

A fractional CTO’s work depends highly on the project and its objectives. They can be employed for tasks including strategic planning, scaling, consulting, technology implementation, etc.

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