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Mobile app development

Our mobile app development services aim to build customized robust applications for iOS and Android. Our experts can build applications from scratch according to your business needs.

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Our services

B2B mobile applications

We offer consulting and development services for custom B2B applications. Our mobile solutions aim to streamline some company procedures and improve B2B processes and interactions.

B2C mobile applications

Mobile applications created by our experts aim to deliver a quality software experience to your clients. With our help, build applications using the latest user-oriented technologies.

Custom app development

Get an edge over the competition by utilizing custom-constructed mobile applications. Applications built to fit your company-specific services will provide improved performance, superior scalability, and opportunity for future modifications.

Cloud-first app development

Use the vast hardware capabilities of cloud computing services by utilizing cloud-first development. We have gained ample experience in cloud technology use as almost all our projects are hosted and employ cloud technologies. Using cloud computing, we are confident that our created mobile solutions will have the scalability and stability you require.

The potential of mobile development

The mobile market is one of the most rapidly expanding and developing out of all tech industries. According to market reports, more than 1.36 billion devices were shipped in 2020, a number predictor to reach 1.56 billion by 2026. Our experts can help your company participate in this evolving market with quality mobile solutions.

Software development is our forte

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We can help with

We have accumulated sizeable experience in mobile development and can construct different types of mobile applications depending on your business requirements.


Android is dominating the mobile market with a 70% share. Our created mobile applications can help expand your reach to this user base, enhancing your company’s growth.


The iOS platform is used on an array of devices. We offer our services in designing and developing intuitive iOS applications capable of utilizing the full power of Apple devices.


We develop Progressive Web Applications designed to suit your unique requirements. With short load times and broad accessibility, reach your target audience in an engaging and responsive way.

Why Adexin

Mobile development is one of the primary ways for companies to reach their client base. Entrust us the responsibility to develop and deliver quality mobile solutions.

Top Service

A strong sense of personal responsibility and camaraderie are qualities we value and try hard to maintain. Adexin has been recognized by Clutch marketplace as a top B2B company in our region, with a near-perfect rating from our clients.


Our contracts are designed to keep the client’s best interests in mind. We offer flexible terms and try to adjust to your financial situation to the best of our abilities, providing our clients the option to shrink or expand teams on-demand or even suspend cooperation with a month’s notice.


With transparency as one of our priorities, take part in every development stage. We employ the full picture reporting approach for our clients to stay informed about the progress of their project and the steps we’re taking to complete it.

Open-source experience

Our developers have accumulated vast experience in open-source solution use during our past projects. We not only utilize open-source to cut down development times heavily but also create and publish our own solutions for the community.

Case Studies

Mobile development has been a significant part of our past projects. Some of those projects are represented in the case studies below.

case: p04.03 tas: desktop
case: p04.03 tas: mobile

Truck owners assistance application

An Android and iOS application, as well as Web portal development for truckers and trucking businesses. The software would streamline payment and documentation submission while supporting cargo pick-up and delivery processes.
United States
CTOaaS & Digital Transformation
Logistics & Transportation
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case: p04.13 pogmoji: mobile 1
case: p04.13 pogmoji: mobile 2

Emoji and stickers app

An Android and IOS application with a wide array of user-friendly features that include photo editing, animated stickers, custom keyboards, and so on.
United Kingdom
Consulting & Custom software
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