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We can help develop robust software that can produce accurate location data inside buildings. Our engineers aim to improve the effectiveness of your business practices by giving your company access to advanced positioning data and analytics.

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Potential solutions


Using our indoor development services give your software the ability to show real-time positions in malls, airports, and any other mapped venue.


Indoor systems are widely helpful in tracking people or objects where a GPS signal is unavailable, or a system with higher precision is required. Airports, parking garages, and underground facilities could serve as examples.


Similar to tracking, indoor systems can provide helpful navigation and routing functions in different facilities with low GPS availability.


Send custom notifications and advertisements to select people depending on their location.


Utilize the full potential of indoor location systems for management purposes. Using custom software reduces the difficulty of event and meeting organization substantially.


Indoor positioning systems can be used to track access to restricted or hazardous areas, helping to prevent potentially disastrous situations. This is done by creating virtual perimeters that notify appropriate authorities when crossed by unauthorized personnel.

What is Indoor locating?

Indoor locating, also known as an indoor positioning system, is similar to GPS in its functions, however, it utilizes beacons to triangulate an accurate position indoors. Smartphone sensors, Bluetooth signals, and Wifi, among other things, can all act as beacons for indoor positioning systems. Indoor systems are seeing a wide range of utilization in a number of industries, and their continuous growth has made them an increasingly accessible and desirable technology.

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We seek to expand the list of industries we can reliably deliver indoor software. Currently, we are most experienced in the industries below.


Utilize indoor location technologies to raise the efficiency of your warehouse processes. Use asset tracking and navigation features for increased warehouse optimization and safety.


Reduce travel and delivery times in major venues like airports and stations using indoor LBS. Optimize visitor movements with wayfinding and positioning features.


Indoor location-based services can be used for marketing and customer retention in the retail sector. Using mobile applications, deliver helpful notifications and custom advertisements to your clients.

Why Adexin

Creating resource-efficient and accurate indoor positioning systems takes extensive expertise and knowledge. Here's why we think Adexin is the right company for the job.


We are well acquainted with Indoor positioning systems and have completed several projects. Our engineers and consultants have the necessary experience and skills to build scalable high-end positioning software.

Modern technologies

Adexin seeks to stay up to date with the latest indoor location software, as we always try to determine the best fitting technologies befitting your business goals and requirements.

Expert group

By collaborating with Adexin, you gain the help of our expert group, a team of highly professional developers that can solve your exceptionally complicated problems, offering a new perspective based on vast experience and knowledge.

Flexible contracts

Our contracts are made with our client's best interests in mind. We offer flexible agreements that give you the possibility to suspend our cooperation with a month's notice.

Case Studies

Our case studies reflect the skills we have accumulated during past projects. Have a look.

case: p04.02 navigine: desktop

Admin site for indoor positioning software

An indoor positioning system development that could show accurate location within shopping malls, airports, and other public gathering spaces. The project included back-end and mobile SDK development.
United States & Russia
2015 - ongoing
LBS, Consulting & Dedicated teams
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