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Location-based service

Our company’s location-based services (LBS) use real-time geolocation data that provides information and services pinpoint relevant to users from particular locations. These solutions are used across transportation and logistics, automotive, retail, travel, security industries, leisure, and much more.

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What is LBS

LBS is of critical essence to most businesses to drive real insight from data linked to specific geolocations where the activity takes place. Certain spatial patterns are detected when using location-related data and services. This data provides one of the most valuable and powerful tools where location is the common denominator in all your business-related activities that can be leveraged to understand relationships and patterns.

Our services

Location-based systems have revolutionized the industry from a business perspective. Below you can find key points that we offer.

GIS & Mapping

GIS & mapping systems create, manage, and analyze location data, providing the foundation for research and mapping used in many industries. GIS can help improve decision-making, management, and efficiency in business processes that rely on geographical data.

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  • Collect & manage data
  • See changes
  • Locate problems
  • Receive notifications
  • Get forecast
  • Understand trends


Outdoor systems use GPS data to provide navigation, routing, and positioning capabilities for your software. Outdoor systems are commonly used in taxi, ride-sharing, and navigation applications.

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  • Positioning
  • Tracking
  • Navigation
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Sport


Indoor positioning systems differ heavily from previous technologies as they utilize different tech to determine positions inside structures. The challenge of indoor systems is to develop an accurate enough to suit the appropriate needs. These systems have different applications ranging as far as security.

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  • Positioning
  • Tracking
  • Navigation
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Safety
Software development is our forte

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How we start our cooperation

  • 1

    Initial meeting

    1 day

    The purpose of this meeting is to determine if we are a fit for each other. This meeting includes a free consultation during which we will provide an advisory opinion regarding LBS development based on our experience.

  • 2

    NDA signing

    1 day

    We recommend signing the NDA policy which guarantees your data’s privacy by creating a confidential relationship between the involved parties.

  • 3

    Gathering information

    1 day

    A more in-depth discussion of the project scope to understand your needs, expectations, and agreement details.

  • 4

    Rough estimation

    3-7 days

    An optimal possible solution finding and a concrete determination of the project scope, the necessary time to achieve predetermined goals, and handpicking involved teams.

  • 5

    Solution presentation

    1 day

    The presentation of found solution and finalization of concrete points determined in previous points, including suggested scope, team, and start date.

  • 6

    MSA signing

    1-2 days

    The legal formalization of the predetermined agreements - welcome on board.

  • 7

    “Let’s get the party started”

    Once everything is agreed upon and legally formalized, we initiate the process.

Why Adexin

The quality of the LB systems used in your software can have a drastic impact on the efficiency of your business processes. Here are several reasons why Adexin can be the right choice to handle this task.


We have completed a number of LBS projects in several industries, gaining valuable experience and knowledge along the way. We are confident we can provide high-end LBS solutions to fulfill your requirements.

Modern technologies

We try to keep pace and stay updated with the latest advancements in LBS technologies to deliver the most efficient and scalable software we can.

Top service

Flexibility and great customer service are qualities we take great pride in. We have built promising relationships during our past collaborations, which have earned us favorable reviews and a near-perfect rating on Clutch.


With transparency at the forefront of our priorities, we encourage our clients to take part in every development stage. Stay informed about the progress of your project and the steps we’re taking to reach our destination.

Major industries

We provide professional location-based services in all major logistics industries and give recommendations for scaling and optimization in niches we have been working with for many years.


We are providers of complete location-based services tailored for the logistics. Access a comprehensive suite of solutions encompassing products, services, and processes for your logistics venture. Acquaint yourself with the capabilities of our warehouse management system and gain insights into various operations within the system.


We offer location-based services for managing transportation, including potential integrations and expanded functionalities. Optimize your processes by gaining comprehensive oversight of shipping plans, scheduling transportation, and managing routes. Enhance your transport operations with specialized features tailored to the industry.

Supply Chain

We customize location-based services for your supply chain operations. Through our specialized software development, you gain control over transportation operations, carriers, and a broad supplier network. Our assistance streamlines coordination among various stakeholders in the supply chain, facilitating optimization of collaborative tasks.

Focused custom location-based services

Fleet MS solutions

We provide fleet management software solutions tailored to your business needs. Our geolocation solutions enable you to achieve precise control and make data-driven decisions. Take charge of your fleet effectively to drive sustainable business growth.

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SAM software

We offer cutting-edge software development for asset tracking to propel your business forward. Take advantage of location-based service for continuous improvements in RFID and GPS asset tracking, fleet monitoring, asset storage, and analytics capabilities.

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OMS solutions

We deliver custom order management systems solutions tailored to your internal operations. Experience the benefits of seamless integration with various features and legacy systems. With location-based service, our engineers can significantly improve the efficiency of day-to-day business operations.

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EPR software

We develop custom enterprise resource planning systems with easy-to-integrate modules to exceed your needs and achieve your business goals. Our location-based services development focuses on optimizing supply chains and order management, purchasing, and inventory management.

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Case Studies

We have accumulated extensive experience during our LBS projects. Below are some of those projects represented in case studies.

case: p04.02 navigine: desktop

Admin site for indoor positioning software

An indoor positioning system development that could show accurate location within shopping malls, airports, and other public gathering spaces. The project included back-end and mobile SDK development.
United States & Russia
2015 - ongoing
LBS, Consulting & Dedicated teams
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case: p04.01 moomin move: desktop
case: p04.01 moomin move: mobile

Location-based CMS for a game in the real-world

Back-end and CMS development for a location-based game. The project involved heavy data analysis and QA.
LBS, Consulting & Custom software
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