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Node.js development services

Our company provides Node.js development services with an understanding of the client's business and its requirements. We strive to meet all objectives and adapt to convenient ways of communication and deadlines.

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Node.js development services we offer

Custom Node.js development

We provide custom Node.js development services to create tailored software that will align with your business objectives. We make scalable solutions that grow and evolve together with your company.

Node.js consulting

With over 10 years of experience, Adexin has extensive Node.js development expertise, making our consulting services a unique experience that will help your team achieve much higher quality standards and provide you with intelligence that would otherwise be completely inaccessible.

Porting to Node.js

In case you already have a working software but consider moving it to Node.js — we can help you. Our development team will ensure a smooth transition that your customers won’t even notice.

Dedicated Node.js team outsourcing

We offer top-notch Node.js development services outsourcing. Whether you need part-time or project-based developers — we’re here for you. Our dedicated development teams can be outsourced or outstaffed for any type of Node.js project.

Node.js web development

Do you need a web solution? We know how to build it with our expert Node.js web development services. Adexin can help you by crafting bespoke solutions to scale your online presence.

Node.js app development

Adexin is happy to provide custom Node.js application development services. We will analyze your business requirements and provide recommendations on architecture and best Node.js development practices.

Node.js API development and integration

We specialize in developing flexible and scalable Node.js APIs, which can be seamlessly integrated into various web apps, systems, platforms, and third-party services.

Node.js maintenance and support

To keep your applications running efficiently and smoothly, our development company can assist with Node.js maintenance and support. This includes monitoring, proactive maintenance, and quick issue resolution.

What we develop with Node.js

Node.js gives a range of tools to develop digital solutions in the logistics, transportation, and supply chain domains. Here are a few of the software types we can create using Node.js:

  • Enterprise resource planning

  • Warehouse management systems

  • Material requirements planning

  • Order management software

  • Asset tracking solutions

  • Fleet management software

  • Integrations

  • Transport management systems

  • Mobility systems

  • Sharing applications

  • Taxi applications

  • Airport applications

  • Delivery systems

  • Navigation apps

  • Route optimization

  • Inventory management

  • Freight forwarding

  • Order processing

Choose your engagement model

Time and material

The client pays for the actual time and resources the development company spends on the project. The cost is usually based on the hourly rates of developers and other specialists involved on the side of the Node.js development company. This approach offers flexibility which means it’s perfect for projects with uncertain or changing requirements.

Dedicated teams

This model involves forming a dedicated team of software developers, designers, and other specialists within the development company who work exclusively on the client's project. With this sort of node.js development outsourcing the client has full control over the team and can directly manage the web development project.

Support and maintenance

The client pays a fixed monthly fee, in addition to the main package, to keep the services of the software development firm for support and maintenance measures. The retainer fee includes a certain number of hours or resources dedicated to addressing issues, performing updates, bug fixes, and providing ongoing assistance.

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How we start our software development cooperation

  • 1

    Free consultation

    1 day

    The discussion of your business expectation and goals. Selection of the correct development, outsourcing, or consultancy service suitable to your needs.

  • 2

    NDA signing

    1 day

    Your privacy is our first priority. The NDA agreement provides total security for your sensitive information.

  • 3

    Detailed meeting

    1 day

    A thorough and precise analysis of your technical necessities and demands performed by our team. Discussion regarding the areas of responsibilities and probable node.js solutions.

  • 4

    MSA signing

    1-2 days

    The legal formalization of all consented agreements. The last step before our collaboration begins.

  • 5

    “Let’s get the party started”

    As soon as everything is done the work on the project begins.

Why Adexin

Adexin is a unique Node.js development services company that offers a variety of solutions for all sorts of business needs. Whether you need development, consulting, or outsourcing teams on any scale, we can make it work. The vast experience we bring and a devotion to each project make the difference you are searching for.

Adexin Tools

We are working on creating our own IP, which accumulates our industrial and technical expertise in the form of ready-made codebase. Adexin Tools helps us start new Node.js projects more efficiently.

Expert group

Through Expert Group, you can get access to our top specialists and turn to them for assistance in any matter. A one-stop way to have all your questions answered and concerns addressed!

Industrial focus and education

We are on a constant lookout for ways to improve our workflow and deepen our expertise. By being aware of the most recent technology developments, we stay on top of the market and participate in its growth. We adopt Node.js development innovations that will benefit our clients and their projects, help us improve our operations, and ensure even higher consumer satisfaction.

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud technology is an on-demand, self-service environment. It is essential to achieving end-to-end digital transformation. Cloud-based solutions help lower costs, increase performance, and provide more options for innovation. Increased agility and flexibility also come with cloud access. These two qualities are essential to satisfy a customer and industry expectations.

Adjustable process

Hired a small software development team and want to expand it? Require the addition of new features? Adexin is happy to adjust the initiated process to your demands. We offer flexible contracts to make sure your changing needs are accounted for at every stage of our collaboration.

Full-stack software development

Full-stack teams are capable of working on many different facets of web and mobile app development, which means they can help advance your business and increase revenue for your firm. Moreover, you'll get improved customer service, quicker time-to-market, higher efficiency, and improved scalability.

Scalable solutions

Modern software needs to be built with scalability in mind. Our logistics software solutions provide scalability options for maximum revenue increase at a minimal additional cost. Our skilled developers build software that can be easily adjusted and enriched with additional features in the future.

Effective process

Adexin is recognized as one of the top software developers in supply chain, logistics and transportation globally by Clutch. Our experts always work with the client's needs in mind, sticking to their main objectives and preferences. Our hard work and consistency in all business processes ensure our clients receive high-quality solutions.

Major industries

We provide professional Node.js development services to the logistics industry. We implement fundamentally new solutions and ensure process optimization at all levels.


We enable Node.js development services in the logistics sector. Receive a full range of advanced technology solutions, consulting, and remote teams to expand and grow your business. Manage warehouses and operating systems with ease and from anywhere.


We deliver Node.js development services for transport management. All possible integrations and extensions are that our team will help you perfectly cope. Let advanced technologies plan delivery schedules, transport, and routes, make easy adjustments, and spend your time on more strategic tasks.

Supply Chain

We offer Node.js development services for your supply chain operations. Our custom solutions and remote teams will expand your transport operations and optimize your work with carriers and suppliers. Minimize the time spent synchronizing tasks between all process participants.


To create fulfilling web and mobile solutions, we use a combination of technologies. Some of the main ones are listed below.

React Native
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Case Studies

Have a look at our case studies to better evaluate our Node.JS expertise.

case: p04.01 moomin move: desktop
case: p04.01 moomin move: mobile

Location-based CMS for a game in the real-world

Back-end and CMS development for a location-based game. The project involved heavy data analysis and QA.
LBS, Consulting & Custom software
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24 reviews on Clutch
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What is a Node.js development company?

Node.js app development company specializes in Node.js development services. It develops and maintains digital solutions that use Node.js for building the backend for mobile and web apps.

What is Node.js used for?

Node.js has different purposes in web development. It allows the building of web and mobile apps, microservices, real-time applications, and other web solutions.

What language does the Node.js developer use?

Node.js development utilizes Javascript or Typescript.

Is Node.js good for web development?

Node.js development is the perfect tool for web development. It is very flexible and can create scalable solutions. It has a huge ecosystem of libraries and frameworks that allows it to build the backend for various web and mobile applications and decrease the development cost.

Can I build a whole website using Node.js?

Typically, that is not possible. Using just Node.js, you can build the back-end (server side) and then combine it with some front-end tools to create any type of web and mobile application.

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