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CMS development for location-based game

Location-based CMS for a game in the real-world

Custom development of a content management system, using AWS as the hosting platform.

case: p04.01 moomin move: desktop
case: p04.01 moomin move: mobile

About the project

Created and currently being developed by TribeRed, Moomin Move is an adventure game that uses location-based technologies to simulate a virtual world using real-life locations. Adexin was tasked with in-game content management system development. The system itself is a combination of a serverless back-end and a map-based front-end primarily for administrative purposes. The back-end is responsible for determining suitable places to spawn in-game objects of varying types depending on the surroundings. Moreover, it also generates the content that the players will be able to interact with. The front-end allows administrators to manually control the locations where objects may spawn and provides tools necessary for testing other back-end functions.

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One of the primary challenges we faced was the distribution of in-game content suitable to different locations, surroundings, and present objects. Before resolving this task, objects and items would allocate randomly on the mobile client, causing a decrease in user satisfaction.


In order to address the task at hand, a deep analysis of real-world objects and their potential locations on the map, meaning forests, bodies of water, buildings, roads, and so on, was necessary. Using Mapbox SDK and turf.js, the back-end system was able to determine the correct proportions for these elements for each in-game tile and, according to this, pick the amount and spawn locations for the items.

Technology stack

The combination of technologies we used to complete this task.



Content generation was moved from mobile devices to the back-end. A more accurate allocation of in-game items and objects contributed to the improvement of the user experience and increased player involvement, helping the project reach the desired goals and benchmarks.

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