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AI-powered parking management system

AI-powered parking management system

Advanced cloud software created to optimize parking operations and recognize license plates using the latest technology.

case: p04.16 6sense innovations: desktop
case: p04.16 6sense innovations: mobile


Want to know how traditional parking lots can become extra profitable thanks to modern technologies?
Check out the main numbers of Adexin and 6sense Innovations cooperation:

  • Dozens of parking businesses increased their revenue up to 10 times

  • Parking operators lower operational costs and investments by up to 90%

  • The system processes around 100,000 cars and related transactions each day

  • Our more than 3 years of cooperation helped to build a scalable and profitable business


The project's main idea is cost optimization for the parking venue owners and ease of use of parking spaces for venue visitors.
As a rule, when entering a parking space, the user needs to carry out several manipulations with accounts and registration and then make the necessary payments.
With the 6sense Innovations solution, all financial and service transactions are activated automatically after registration, significantly saving time for the client and the parking space owner.
Given that the application provides real-time data, this makes it possible to optimize the loading of parking spaces in the event of an immediate increase.

Client overview

6sense Innovations is a Finnish technology company providing customers with solutions based on Computer Vision, GenAI, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things for the past years.
All company solutions focus on customer economic benefit, ease of use, advanced technology, and continuous optimization.
Revolutionizing parking spaces, the company partners with businesses in various industries such as parking place applications providers, real estate owners, installation companies, and many others.
Today, hundreds of car parks in Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Central Europe use variable 6sense Innovations solutions.

What were the technical challenges?

For a company that supports and develops advanced technologies and implements them in its solutions, it is a must-have to introduce innovations. Specifically, in this case, the development team was faced with the following challenges:

  • create a SaaS solution that makes maximum use of the current infrastructure, like CCTV cameras, edge devices on customer locations, secure connections

  • optimize the processing of small license plate data from scooters and motorcycles where low-resolution cameras cannot cope and ensure reliable performance even on snowy days

Value delivered

The main value that our developers delivered was the creation of a SaaS application together with the 6sense team. This advanced solution saves resources and meets the needs of the modern consumer.

Optimizing the capacity of parking spots

Given that the application provides data in real-time, this makes it possible to optimize the loading of parking spaces in the event of an immediate increase. These help planners and users understand the layout, capacity, and organization of parking spaces.

License plate recognition

This allows vehicle license plates to be automatically read from images or video sequences using optical character recognition. Such feature plays a crucial role in enhancing safety, automating tasks, and providing valuable vehicle information in various areas.

Integration with external APIs

The application connects different software systems using application programming interfaces.

Remote transaction management

The application ensures consistent, reliable, and secure processing of transactions, even if they span multiple locations or systems.

Customer service

LLM-based chatbot support is available 24/7 and allows to get an immediate response in case of an urgent request.

Real-time reporting

The app provides immediate access to important information, allowing users to view and analyze the most current data through a dashboard.

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Services delivered

The Adexin team, along with 6sense Innovations, developed internal and external components. Also worked on the creation of UX/UI design.

Back-end development

It used AWS serverless technology to scale event-driven back-end services. Node.js was chosen for server development. Express.js is a web framework used to manage API endpoints. The team also used Python for data science, machine learning, and scripting. We also covered data storage, security, and deployment issues.

Front-end development

React technology was chosen to create the user interface of the application. Custom components were introduced for shape drawing on video streams. The application has also been localized to different countries. The development team made platform adaptations on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Adexin's review

"Working with 6sense Innovations always takes place in a professional and friendly atmosphere.
Our developers are very satisfied with our client colleagues. Quite often, our guys are entrusted with challenging tasks, which allows them to develop as professionals.
In general, we are very pleased with our cooperation with 6sense Innovations and wish their business rapid growth!"

- George Maksimenko, CEO at Adexin

How it works

Mobile application for users
Mobile application for users
Mobile application for users
Mobile application for users
Web solution for parking operators
Web solution for parking operators
Web solution for parking operators
Web solution for parking operators

Technology stack

The combination of technologies we used to complete this task.


Client's review

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