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AdexinBlogBreakbulk Europe 2024: Adexin in the Netherlands

Breakbulk Europe 2024: Adexin in the Netherlands

Jun 20, 2024
5 mins

Since 2023 Breakbulk Europe was announced as a big success, this year's edition brought the same positive impact on the industry. Breakbulk Europe 2024 was  held on 21-23 May 2024 in Rotterdam Ahoy. The event attracted over 11.000 visitors, 600 exhibitors, and the most significant number; 126+ countries visited it.

The value the Netherlands delivers to the international business community related to bulk cargo, transporting, logistics, and supply chain is increased. Breakbulk Europe offers the best networking platform to expand contacts, generate new deals, and strengthen key existing relationships. We joined this year's edition to meet with industry decision-makers in Rotterdam, which fosters the innovation needed for global projects.

We have also been on this ship for a long time, delivering crucial value to the industry with custom software development. But you'll find out a bit later in this article where we found our presence at this event. Stay tuned for our short wrap on this event and a deeper look at the main outcome of the ultimate networking platform in Rotterdam!

View from the Rotterdam Central Railway Station
View from the Rotterdam Central Railway Station

Arriving at the venue full of global projects

The journey to Rotterdam was quick and efficient. The flight from Warsaw to Amsterdam took just 2 hours, followed by a comfortable 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam Airport to Rotterdam, to Rotterdam Ahoy. The exhibition spanned three days, with the first day starting conveniently at 5 PM. This smart scheduling allowed visitors to arrive in the Netherlands, check into their hotels, and reach the venue during daylight hours.

I won't elaborate on why we traveled from Warsaw this time, but it's clear that Poland is a logistics and supply chain hub for many Western European countries looking to expand into Eastern Europe with new project cargo business. However, it is important to note that we are also present in Eastern Europe to help companies expand in these markets.

Industrial networking on the Rotterdam Quay
Industrial networking on the Rotterdam Quay

Returning to the event in Rotterdam, let's briefly summarize some pros and cons. Although there were more pros than cons, it's worthwhile for you to see what I personally think.


  • Convenient exhibition schedule: The timing of the exhibition was well planned, starting on the evening of the first day. This allowed participants to travel comfortably and settle in during daylight hours.

  • Good exhibitors: The quality and variety of exhibitors were impressive, offering valuable insights and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

  • Tasty snacks and food: The event provided delicious snacks and meals, keeping attendees well-fed and energized throughout the day.

Golf simulators as part of the event's networking activities
Golf simulators as part of the event's networking activities


  • Low activity of people using the matchmaking app: The matchmaking app—designed to facilitate networking, let's say—had low participation rates. Visitors' low engagement limited its effectiveness in connecting with other participants.

  • Some entertainment/activities were very loud and caused inconvenience: Some entertainment activities at the event were too loud. This shows that organizers didn't recognize this as causing discomfort and distracting those in the surrounding areas.

Exhibitors and attendees and breakbulk industry

As we said in the beginning, there were over 11K visitors. Since the event occurred in Rotterdam, home to one of the biggest ports, its strong presence was notable. Yes, the Port of Rotterdam, like many other ports highly involved in intermodal transport and dedicated to bulk cargo, was obviously a core exhibitor. 

MSC project's booth
MSC project's booth

Among other businesses, we could see Breakbulk America, as well as the following industries:

Air transport: air transport companies showcased their capabilities in handling bulk cargo and providing fast, efficient solutions for international cargo traffic.

Associations: Various industry associations were present, offering resources, networking opportunities, and support to companies involved in logistics and supply chain management.

Equipment: Exhibitors in the equipment category showcased the latest machinery and technology designed to improve the efficiency and safety of bulk cargo handling.

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Freight Forwarder: Freight forwarding companies demonstrated their expertise in organizing and coordinating the transportation of goods, ensuring smooth transitions between different modes of transportation.

Industry-related services: Service providers such as insurance, consulting, and training highlighted their support for the logistics and supply chain industry, helping companies optimize their operations.

Ports expositions at Brekbulk Europe
Ports expositions at Brekbulk Europe

IT: IT companies showcased innovative logistics software developments and systems for managing logistics, tracking shipments, and improving overall supply chain visibility and efficiency.

Maritime Transportation: Maritime transportation companies, including shipping lines and ocean carriers, showcased their capabilities to move large volumes of bulk cargo worldwide.

Top 10 logistics events in 2024. List of 150+ events downloadable

Article by:
Iryna Stepchenko

Ports and terminals: Representatives from various ports and terminals showcased their facilities, infrastructure, and services designed to handle large-scale cargo efficiently.

Rail transportation: Rail transportation companies presented solutions for the efficient and environmentally friendly movement of bulk cargo over long distances.

Road transportation: Road transportation providers presented their logistics solutions for the final stage of cargo delivery, emphasizing flexibility and reach in transporting goods to their destinations.

Number of small stands on Breakbulk Europe
Number of small stands on Breakbulk Europe

People at the venue: welcomes global sector leaders

The exhibition featured two halls with booths ranging from small startups and logistics service providers to industry giants. Nevertheless, there was still a noticeable presence of small stands at Breakbulk Europe. Maintaining our close ties with Finland, it was pleasant to see their national booth. Since we are actively involved in this market, we visited the Finnish booth to greet them with "Hei Suomi" hello in their native language.

HaminaKotka port's booth
HaminaKotka port's booth

Indeed, among the many impressive companies present, we truly appreciated the individuals we met. Notably, I had the opportunity to meet CEO Sebastian Sjöberg from His company specializes in data-led chartering, planning, and schedule optimization solutions for commercial ship operators and charterers.

 Finnish maritime startup's booth
 Finnish maritime startup's booth

What we find particularly interesting is the continued significance of custom software development in the transportation and logistics industry. Based on our experience, we have observed significant inefficiencies over the years in processes for companies using off-the-shelf solutions. Adopting ready-made solutions was noticeable almost two decades ago, and many companies still rely on systems adapted years ago.

However, today's businesses require agility. This approach has evolved alongside the enhanced capabilities of systems and software development. We believe that delivering value to today's businesses involves creating custom software that provides them with the highest flexibility.

A good example we can give in the freight industry is a truck owner assistance app that supports carriers, which are busy with bulk cargo, and intermodal transport almost on a daily basis. We have enhanced document processing to significantly improve and streamline business processes, providing cost-effective services previously unattainable using existing tools.

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Summarizing: the region's largest trade event

Breakbulk Europe 2024 was a huge success, confirming its key role in the global logistics and transportation industry. With many visitors, exhibitors, and representatives from many countries, the event fostered invaluable networking opportunities and showcased the latest innovations in the field. We have met many project cargo professionals and project owners from the supply chain industry.

For those looking to navigate the changing logistics and supply chain management landscape, we invite you to explore how our custom software development services can drive your operations. Contact us today to learn more and discover how we can tailor solutions to your needs and challenges.



What were the highlights of Breakbulk Europe 2024 in terms of attendance and global representation?

Breakbulk Europe 2024 was a significant success, attracting more than 11,000 visitors and 600 exhibitors from more than 126 countries. It served as a global hub for networking and business development in the logistics and transportation sectors.

What were the main pros and cons of attending Breakbulk Europe 2024, according to your experience?

Advantages of Breakbulk Europe 2024 included a well-planned exhibition schedule starting in the evening, quality exhibitors offering diverse insights, and delicious catering. However, low engagement with the matchmaking application and some disruptive noisy activities were noted as downsides.

What discussed the types of exhibitors and industries represented at Breakbulk Europe 2024?

The event showcased a wide range of industries essential to logistics and supply chain management, including air transport, sea transport, rail, and road transport, equipment manufacturers, freight forwarders, and service providers such as IT, insurance, and consulting companies. The Port of Rotterdam has played a key role, reflecting its status as a key intermodal transportation hub.

How did the event organizers plan Breakbulk Europe 2024 to effectively accommodate participants?

Breakbulk Europe 2024 was strategically scheduled to begin in the evening of the first day, giving participants ample time to travel and settle in during daylight hours. This scheduling made it easier for participants to effectively participate and engage.

Could you share some insights on the importance of custom software development in the logistics industry as observed during the event?

Custom software development proved to be a key factor at Breakbulk Europe 2024, addressing inefficiencies in logistics processes that generic solutions often fail to address. Companies are increasingly looking for customized software solutions to increase flexibility and operational efficiency in today's dynamic logistics landscape.

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