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AdexinBlogLogistics Quotes - Supply Chain Today

Logistics Quotes - Supply Chain Today

Apr 18, 2024
7 mins

Leading logistics companies worldwide are bringing about a major shift in business approach that affects supply chains, transportation, and logistics. In exceptional cases, the biggest figures of today's business need to accelerate certain personal capabilities to drive changes in the superior logistics environment. This article talked about logistics companies' founders, CEOs, business developers, and game changers in the logistics industry. We refer to the changes in the logistics industry, logistics, and distribution capabilities, where thought leaders have influenced the entire market worldwide. Find out more in our article and read logistics quotes taken from representatives of key logistics businesses in today's world. You can find out more about how to win through superior logistics.

Top logistics quotes and superior logistics

When discussing logistics quotes that can hold real value for the logistics industry, we should consider the largest logistics companies that dramatically improve logistics. Frankly speaking, only those businesses that can wield significant influence on the market through their CEOs and founders can truly transfer value to the market. In such cases, it's not merely about word of mouth; we can rely on real figures.  

Below are the largest logistics companies that were real leaders in revenue in 2021. We have also mentioned quotes from these companies ’ CEOs.

1. United Parcel Service Inc

United Parcel Service Inc. basic data
United Parcel Service Inc. basic data

UPS is the largest logistics company in the world. Its CEO, Carol B. Tomé, also took the leading role during the COVID-19 crisis, bringing significant value to healthcare goods transportation worldwide. Mrs Carol B. Tomé led and inspired UPSers with these words during a pandemic.

“I’m blessed to lead a company like UPS, but the truth is the past two years have been hard for our team. UPSers are essential workers. During the pandemic, they didn’t work from home – they got up every day and sorted and delivered packages with volumes that reached unprecedented levels. I believe I was called to lead this company to inspire our workers … support them in their efforts … and celebrate them. I lead to inspire our people. They are why I get out of bed in the morning.” -

Carol B. Tomé, UPS Inc CEO

One of the most famous quotes from Carol Tomé was mentioned in Mar. 2021 when United Parcel Service (UPS) engaged in a virtual discussion on women’s leadership with Maryam Alavi, Dean of the Scheller College of Business.

“If we look like the customers we serve, it’s good for business.” (…) “I think the purpose of the corporation is to tend to the needs of all of its stakeholders.” “At UPS, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We want to give back to our communities and are proud to be first responders. We believe we need a healthier planet. “ (…) -

Carol B. Tomé, UPS Inc CEO

2. DHL Group

DHL Group basic data
DHL Group basic data

DHL has made tremendous strides forward over the years. Being the most commercial extension of the Deutsche Post, a national postal service in Germany, DHL achieved many milestones, winning numerous businesses across the world. One of the current examples is their operation in the French market, where they offer LTL shipping along with a small pack, making them fast-growing and winning most contracts in the French market. DHL CEO Dr Tobias Meyer said during his interview that has also shared the importance of sustainable solutions for the entire logistics market that are a good outcome of professionals study logistics.

“Leading the logistics industry into a climate-neutral future is a Herculean task to which we, as the Group’s management team, have given top priority. In addition to long-term decarbonization goals, what counts most is what we can do in the here and now – in a pragmatic and goal-oriented manner.” (…) -

Dr Tobias Meyer, DHL Group CEO

Green Logistics - Three Golden Drivers

Article by:
George Maksimenko

In this uncertain time, Mr. Dr. Tobias Meyer has expressed concerns about the current geopolitical situation in 2024. Dr. Tobias Meyer, during his interview with CNBC on January 17, 2024, when asked about the potential impact on supply chains, he shared his insights regarding possible delays in shipments:

“On a voyage from Asia to a port like Shanghai and heading to Europe, depending on exactly where you start and where you end, you can expect 30-40% longer shipments. Its roughly 10 days.” -

Dr Tobias Meyer, DHL Group CEO

3. FedEx Corp

FedEx Corp basic data
FedEx Corp basic data

FedEx continues to assert its dominance in the worldwide market and maintains its position at the forefront. A significant enhancement in its e-commerce shipping modes has rendered its services even more competitive. Raj Subramaniam, the CEO of FedEx, who was elected to the FedEx Board of Directors in 2020, outlined his plans for enabling FedEx's transformation in his latest interview for CNBC.

“If you think about FedEx 2.0, the DNA that we have on our technology is going to help us really significantly going forward.” (…) “FedEx is definitely a people service profit philosophy is the core of FedEx. “ -

Raj Subramaniam, FedEX CEO

4. A.P. Moller - Maersk AS

A.P. Moller - Maersk AS basic data
A.P. Moller - Maersk AS basic data

A.P. Moller - Maersk AS has made significant progress in its transformation. Extraordinary market conditions have led A.P. Moller-Maersk to achieve unprecedented growth and profitability. They have strengthened the fleet and container capacity, expanded our global warehousing footprint, and increased terminal capacity. Its CEO, for A.P. Moller-Maersk AS press release has stated:

“In response to the extraordinary market situation, we expanded the fleet and container capacity, grew our global warehousing footprint, and increased the terminal capacity. While we spent a tremendous effort on mitigating impacts to our customers, we also made fundamental strategic progress.”-

Søren Skou,  A.P. Moller - Maersk AS CEO

Søren Skou is also famous for formulating this logistics quote with a huge focus on logistics software development.

"We are at the beginning of an era where digitalization will transform every aspect of the value chain in the transport and logistics industry." -

Søren Skou,  A.P. Moller - Maersk AS CEO

5. CEVA Logistics SA

CEVA Logistics SA basic data
CEVA Logistics SA basic data

At CEVA Logistics, they took a major step in offering a comprehensive range of services and integrated solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients. Leveraging our status as a renowned 4PL logistics expert and drawing upon a network of over 750 warehouses globally with self driving vehicles and automataion technology. They excel in providing end-to-end supply chain solutions. CEVA CEO, Mathieu Friedberg, during his inauguration, has shared what's today logistics brings bringing to the light many logistics quotes worth to repeat:  

“Sometimes you make mistakes - and you need to acknowledge them and correct them. Finger-pointing is a very bad habit; it’s a symptom of something that is not working properly. The biggest mistake of all is if you don’t admit you made a mistake.” (…) “Leading is about generating a sense of purpose, taking actions, building something everyone can belong to, and giving your team a sense of achievement.” -

Mathieu Friedberg, CEVA Logistics SA CEO

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6. Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche Bahn AG basic data
Deutsche Bahn AG basic data

Deutsche Bahn AG is one of the largest transportation companies in Germany and Europe. It is a key player in the rail and logistics sector. With a comprehensive network of rail services spanning the entire country and beyond. In 2024, Deutsche Bahn, as a leader in sustainable transportation solutions, plays an important role in connecting people, companies, and regions.

Mr. Dr. Richard Lutz, as Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bahn AG, you have made the mission of making the largest transport company in this republic more effective and modern. Dr. Richard Lutz, In his interview for local media, he shared: 

“Recent history has shown the enormous importance of the railway for people and the economy. It is systemically relevant: for the supply and mobility of people and ultimately for bringing people and states in Europe closer together.” -

Dr Richard Lutz, Deutsche Bahn AG CEO

7. Kuehne + Nagel International AG

Kuehne + Nagel International AG basic data
Kuehne + Nagel International AG basic data

Kuehne + Nagel International AG's strategy focuses on the context of digital transformation service, which is the central point of this logistics company. This is what should enable them to swiftly adapt to evolving market and customer demands and to leverage artificial intelligence development services (AI) proactively. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Vision 2030, indicating the company's commitment to sustainable practices. The thing for them is to create an exceptional experience for both employees and customers. During one of the interview, the CEO of Kuehne + Nagel International AG, Stefan Paul, said

“We are focused on making the employee and customer experience extraordinary with sustainability at its core.” -

Stefan Paul, Kuehne + Nagel International AG CEO

8. SF Holdings Co Ltd

SF Holdings Co Ltd basic data
SF Holdings Co Ltd basic data

SF Holdings Co Ltd, commonly known as SF Express, is a well-known Chinese courier service company. It is one of the largest logistics and express companies in China. They provide domestic and international courier, freight forwarding, and logistics services. SF Express is recognized for its efficient delivery network and innovative approach to logistics and e-commerce fulfillment. In one of the interviews with Wang Wei, Founder and CEO of SF Holdings Co Ltd, he was asked, “As a leader in your industry, how would you define “success” or “failure”?”. Mr Wang Wei respond to this with many worth mentioning logistics quotes:

“I think that a successful company is one that makes a difference in society, creates a better life for employees, and raises the bar in quality of service to its customers. A company will only be able to achieve long-term growth, a solid reputation, and market cap growth (the “results”) by going back to essential value creation (its “purpose”). If a company only focuses on capturing the “results” but ignores its “purpose,” its efforts will be in vain.” - 

Wang Wei, SF Holdings Co Ltd Founder and CEO


DSV AS basic data
DSV AS basic data

DSV announces strategies for leadership in 2024. Formerly known as DSV Panalpina, it is a large global logistics company based in Denmark that wants to make a major shift in its logistics operations towards digitization. The company offers a wide range of services, including freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing, and supply chain solutions. With operations in more than 90 countries and a workforce of over 70,000 employees, DSV operates in a wide range of industries worldwide. DSV is known for its expertise in providing customized logistics solutions and is a trusted partner for companies seeking efficient and reliable logistics services.

Since Jens Bjørn Andersen stepped down as CEO of DSV AS in 2024, the new leader of the Danish company has already had the opportunity to share his insights. Mr. Jens Lund, nominated to assume the prestigious role of CEO of DSV AS, has had many opportunities before to share his insights on the logistics industry, sharing the following quote:

"Everything we do must be transparent. It has to be able to withstand scrutiny. If you can't vouch for what you do, it won't stand up"-

Jens Lund, DSV AS CEO

10. C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc

C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc basic data
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc basic data

C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. is a global third-party logistics (3PL) company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA. C.H. Robinson acts as an intermediary between shippers and carriers, helping to facilitate the transportation of goods efficiently and cost-effectively. The company operates in North America, Europe, Asia, and other regions. They foresee a major shift towards digital transformation by 2024 and serve a wider range of industries than retail, consumer goods, automotive, etc.

The new CEO of C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc., Dave Bozeman, has emphasized the importance of interconnected logistics and digital solutions in one of his latest interviews has shared.

“We have 100,000 customers. Some of those customers are not going to have the technology needed to plug right into us and have that instant connection. So, they sent us an email with an unstructured data point. Typically, you would have humans parsing that information out and making it correct so it can plug into our system and be actionable" - 

Dave Bozeman, C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc CEO

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Final takeaway: strong win through superior logistics 

It's worth understanding what today's logistics leaders mean behind their words. Often, changes in companies like UPS or DSV can mean a lot for all companies somehow connected to the logistics industry and its logistics and distribution capabilities. This is leaders win through logistics of today.

Logistics quotes shared in interviews can help us understand their mission and plans. It's not always clear at first glance, but it's worth paying attention to if we want to be better informed about the plans and developments in the entire logistics industry.



What are quotes in logistics?

Quotes in logistics are often statements made by CEOs or leaders of well-known companies in the transportation and logistics sector. These quotes can provide insight into a company's values, mission, and strategic direction, offering valuable perspectives on the industry as a whole.

What is a famous military quote about logistics?

A famous military quote about logistics comes from UPS CEO Carol B. Tomé. During the COVID-19 crisis, she emphasized the critical role of UPS employees in ensuring the transportation of healthcare-related goods around the world, stating: "I am blessed to lead a company like UPS, but the truth is that the last two years have been difficult for our team. UPS employees are indispensable. During the pandemic, they didn't work from home - they got up every day and sorted and delivered packages in volumes that reached unprecedented levels."

What is a famous quote about supply chain management?

A famous quote on supply chain management is attributed to Søren Skou, CEO of A.P. Moller-Maersk AS. He stated: "We are at the beginning of an era where digitization will transform every aspect of the value chain in the transportation and logistics industry." The quote underscores the importance of using digital technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain management.

What is a famous quote about leadership in the logistics industry?

A famous quote about leadership in the logistics industry comes from Mathieu Friedberg, CEO of CEVA Logistics SA. He stated: "Leadership is about generating a sense of purpose, taking action, building something that everyone can belong to, and giving the team a sense of achievement." This quote highlights the importance of inspiring and empowering teams to succeed in the logistics sector.

Can you share a noteworthy quote about the future of logistics from a prominent industry figure?

Raj Subramaniam, CEO of FedEx Corp, shared his insights on the future of logistics, stating: "If you think about FedEx 2.0, the DNA we have in our technology will really help us significantly in the future." The quote underscores the key role of technology and innovation in shaping the future of logistics and supply chain management.”

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