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AdexinBlogSITL - International Transport & Logistics trade show

SITL - International Transport & Logistics trade show

Apr 16, 2024
6 mins

The SITL Transport & Logistics Trade Show for the transport and logistics industry occurred in France between 19-21 March 2024. Held in Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 7. The venue of this transport and logistics event was excellent and close to the airport. SITL is not the last place among other top transportation events, and this time Transport & Logistics trade show brought visitors a new perspective on startups, middle businesses, and enterprises within a constantly evolving exhibition.  The event attracted all logistics companies, including logistics real estate, intralogistics (warehouses), trucking companies, rail companies, etc. This was a great business network time to get new logistics connections, where we could discover solutions to the most recent business problems. Explore the event insights and stay up to date with the latest market developments in the industry by following our review.

Will SITL change your perspective on the transport and logistics industry?

If you had asked me that question before the event, I could have been full of doubts. France, of course, has its great transport and logistics technology developed locally and an amazingly innovative approach. But, if we are talking about the event, then the logistics of the stands, their numbering, and the operation of the mobile application were organized at a very weak. Also, the market in France, whether it is related to logistics or transportation, is famous for its unavailabilities, which often stem from particulars such as language barriers.

I recall my friends working in international logistics for years in Europe, the Netherlands, or the U.S. market in various functions such as business analysts, managers, etc. They have always faced slightly different approaches that can bring both a few barriers from companies outside of France and a lot of advantages.

Service and solutions providers at startup Village
Service and solutions providers at startup Village

But even today, during the SITL event, I can say that approximately 60% of people spoke English at the fair, which is pretty nice to see in France. Moreover, taking a step away from the mentioned barrier, you can still gain a lot from such an event. Let's look at the general numbers and takeaways from the event with some short statistics.

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Article by:
Iryna Stepchenko

SITL France: transport and logistics fair

This edition of the transport and logistics SITL fair in France has attracted over 400 exhibitors and 24,000 professionals. During the three days of the event, we could attend approximately 110 conferences. Across nine sectors, many different companies brought their genuinely innovative solutions. Despite encountering problems with exhibition stand design and finding intersection stands due to poor numeration, we finally managed to locate companies vital to us. 

We could meet companies from that sector at the venue: 

1. Logistics Real Estate. It was a complete range of companies from logistics services developing, managing, and leasing logistics facilities. Their niche includes warehouses and distribution centers.

2. Intralogistics (warehouses). Businesses that specialize in optimizing and managing warehouse operations, including inventory management and material handling systems.

Warehouse solutions
Warehouse solutions
ABB warehouse solutions
ABB warehouse solutions

3. Transportation companies. Companies that represent the entire transport industry in France, provide transportation services using trucks to move goods overland. We can list carriers and freight forwarders or shippers among these.

4. Railroad companies. Companies that operate railroads to transport cargo in intermodal mode.

5. Water transport companies. See freight companies that transport goods by rivers and canals.

6. Biofuel production. Petrochemical companies produce and distribute renewable fuels for vehicles and transportation equipment. This section is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of logistics operations.

Biofuel company booth
Biofuel company booth

7. Last-mile delivery. Fulfillment companies specialize in the final stage of the delivery process, from distribution centers to the final customer's location. These play a critical role in the supply chain industry.

8. Post offices. National or private postal services that offer mail and parcel delivery services. From larger companies such as La Poste and France's DHL.

9. Transport solutions and transport equipment. Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment used in logistics operations. Companies such as forklifts, pallets, and conveyor systems.

10. Human resources. HR companies that provide staffing solutions, training, and consulting services. Human resource management is very important to the logistics industry because there is a shortage of personnel these days. Human resource managers can meet employees' needs and develop their skills.

11. Packaging innovative services. Companies specializing in packaging solutions for the safe and efficient transportation of goods. They also brought their packaging machines and presented their software solutions in this area. 

Packing solution
Packing solution

12. Robotics. Automation companies that develop and implement robotic solutions for various logistics applications, including warehouse automation, order management software, and material handling.

Robotics at the venue
Robotics at the venue

13. Technology companies. High-tech experts that offer technology-based solutions to optimize logistics operations, such as route planning software and supply chain management systems or document management systems (DMS).

CargoWise booth
CargoWise booth

14. Service and solutions providers with SaaS. Software as a Service (SaaS) companies provide cloud-based solutions for the logistics industry.

Dashdoc TMS
Dashdoc TMS

The SITL Transport & Logistics trade show highlighted a general trend towards sustainability. Fortunately, this topic is increasingly visible in European and American markets, and the signs are promising. It is pushing companies to accelerate their adoption of green solutions, whether sustainable transportation solutions like a fleet management system or other customized software solutions. Additionally, there's a focus on automotive equipment, such as electric vehicles, which can potentially eliminate fossil fuels from the industrial market.

This trend is also evident among supply chain and logistics companies operating in France. We received this quote from our friend, a logistics supervisor in France.

“Business around Europe has changed over the past 4 years. We have had two crises in a row, and the biggest one on the eastern side of Europe is still ongoing. This shows that companies should be highly focused on investments into the resilience of supply chains. By observing how the market is developing in France over more than a decade of working in one of the biggest logistics companies in the world, I see that companies that can provide more diverse logistics services are more agile and better adaptable to outside circumstances. Leading contract logistics operations in our locations in St. Witz in France, near Paris, I have often seen that the diversity of service is the future of today's logistics ecosystem.”

Anil Mendonca, UPS Logistics Supervisor

The increasing use of intermodal transport for moving goods by rail is even more encouraging. Rail transportation emits less CO2, as mentioned at a conference in Antwerp, Belgium, last year by the Port of Antwerp, where we were also present.

During the event, we had the opportunity to meet representatives from companies such as IKEA, Auchan, Danone, PEPSICO, and, of course, Amazon or Alibaba Group. These companies are effectively oriented toward their sustainable solutions and are great examples of shaping the future of logistics and transportation.

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Topics of the conference SITL: semaine internationale du transport

The themes of conferences were evolving into several subjects that are crucial in today's logistics and transportation. As we already mentioned, there is a significant Focus on sustainability. At the fair, conferences and exhibitors were mainly spinning around these topics: 

  • Carbon reduction in transportation and logistics: Efforts to reduce carbon emissions in transportation and logistics require the adoption of CSR and closed-loop economy policies. So, while promoting multimodality, companies need to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

  • Digital transformation, innovation: Digital transformation and innovation through technologies such as information systems IoT, and AI are revolutionizing logistics. Here, during the event, we could learn about increasing efficiency, opening the door to new business models, and custom software development.

  • Regional planning, city logistics: Effective regional and urban logistics strategies include development regulations and infrastructure investment. These are essential factors for sustainable urbanization and efficient last-mile delivery.

  • Supply chain restructuring and automation: Supply chain restructuring and automation use technologies such as robotics and warehouse management systems. Companies can optimize operations and reduce costs while increasing flexibility to meet customer demands.

  • Attraction, HR training: Many companies must invest in HR strategies to attract and keep talented people in logistics. These strategies involve offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and training and advancement opportunities.

5 spaces to get inspired at the SITL trade fair

5 spaces to get inspired at the SITL trade fair
5 spaces to get inspired at the SITL trade fair

Visitors of the SITL event could also get into 5 spaces to get inspired, learn, and meet the community. Here they are. 


Main topics

La Grande Scène (de la logistique)

Visitors could meet key decision-makers and discuss the future of transportation and logistics at the logistics forum. Experts and specialists addressed the industry's major challenges.

Metamorphose Room

Participating in this panel discussion was about learning more from shippers and their carriers. We gained more insight into inspiring opinions, saw statistics, and participated in roundtable discussions with industry experts.

Les Conversations

This nicely designated area was a dialogue and knowledge exchange between speakers and attendees. We were able to discover practical solutions to everyday challenges first-hand.

SITL Breaking News

(TV studio and technology exploration): Here, visitors can learn about the future of the transportation and logistics industry with industry leaders. Under the guidance of experts, we can quickly discover new trends and products in seven topics.

Le Campus

(internationale du transport et de la logistique): In this section, visitors can attend career workshops and presentations focused on enhancing the sector's attractiveness.

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The final takeaway from SITL fairs 

This event was very important, mainly because it is highly concentrated on local autonomy in France, a concept that the French market has always emphasized. We shouldn't forget that many international companies operating in France must contend with local particular requirements, not only mandated by the law but also in the business approach. 

The French approach differs from English-speaking markets, and foreign companies view this as challenging. However, thanks to France's involvement in logistics and transportation, we can gain more advantages and a new perspective on further market development. The SITL event brought many examples like this to light during the event that deserve logistics innovation awards.

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What type of companies attended the SITL France?

The event attracted many logistics companies, from logistics real estate companies and intralogistics specialists to transport suppliers, rail operators, water transport companies, and biofuel producers. In addition, companies specializing in last-mile delivery, post offices, transport solutions and equipment, human resources, packaging solutions, robotics, technology, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers.

What were some of the main topics of the conferences at the SITL event?

The conferences at the SITL event covered a wide range of crucial topics critical to the modern logistics and transportation industry. These topics included carbon reduction in transportation and logistics, digital transformation and innovation, regional planning and urban logistics, supply chain restructuring and automation, attractiveness and workforce training. Each conference session provided valuable insight and discussion on these critical topics. It gave attendees a comprehensive understanding of the industry's current trends and challenges.

In which areas were visitors able to gain more insights at the SITL trade fair?

Visitors had the opportunity to be inspired and gain valuable insights into various areas of the trade fair. These areas included La Grande Scène (Logistics Forum), where visitors could discuss the future of transportation and logistics with key decision-makers. The Metamorphose Room hosted panel discussions with shippers and freight forwarders, providing visitors with deeper insights and statistics. Les Conversations provided a platform for dialog and knowledge sharing between speakers and participants. At the same time, SITL Breaking News (TV studio and technology exploration) showcased the latest trends and products in the industry.

Why was the SITL event considered necessary for the French market?

The SITL event was significant for the French market as it focused on local autonomy and the challenges international companies face in France. Despite these challenges, the event provided valuable opportunities for participants to gain advantages and develop new perspectives for market development, particularly in logistics and transportation.

What are the key statistics from the SITL International Transport & Logistics trade fair?

The SITL International Transport & Logistics trade fair, which took place in France from March 19-21, 2024, had over 400 exhibitors and attracted 24,000 professionals from nine sectors. Around 110 conferences were held during the three-day event. The exhibition was providing valuable insights into the industry. Despite challenges such as the small number of exhibition stands, the companies also presented innovative solutions. The event provided networking opportunities and showcased companies specializing in logistics real estate, intralogistics, transportation, and railway industry, and many others.

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