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AdexinBlogTop 10 transportation conferences to attend in 2024: List of 150+ events to download

Top 10 transportation conferences in 2024. List of 150+ events downloadable

Jun 7, 2024
5 min

We have prepared a list of transportation conferences for this year. Although we have selected the top 10 events, you can still download the entire list from our blog in a spreadsheet that refers to events from the US, UK, and European markets in the middle of this article. In general, events provide a broad perspective and opportunities that contribute to converting your leads into customers. Find out more here about how attending such events can benefit you.

Top 10 transport conferences to visit in 2024

Here, we have selected the top 10 conferences for transportation to visit this year. You can still review our spreadsheet with all the worldwide events to choose something more suitable for your preferences. Feel free to download the list that we have provided. Here are our top 10 selected events.

1. MARS Winter Meeting

January 1-11, 2024 | Lombard (I.L.), USA

MARS Winter Meeting is an event where rail shippers unite to learn about the latest developments in the industry. Network, share insights, and contribute to the future of rail transportation. Improve your understanding of emerging trends and make connections that will last beyond the event. You can build long-lasting relationships.


2. Smart Maritime Network Conference in Rotterdam

February 7, 2024 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

You can see many innovative logistics and transportation solutions by joining industry leaders at the Smart Maritime Network Rotterdam Conference. This time, network with your peers and stay ahead in the dynamic maritime landscape. You can secure your business by navigating the future of marine technology. 


3. TMC Annual 2024

March 4-7, 2024 | New Orleans, USA

Attending North America's premier trucking technical conference at the TMC Annual Meeting allows you to talk to the top leaders in the U.S. trucking market. You can network with fleet professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers. Learning about cutting-edge technology, exploring best practices, and enhancing your fleet management skills is a great opportunity. It's a fantastic environment where knowledge meets innovation and shapes the future of trucking.


Top 10 logistics events in 2024. List of 150+ events downloadable

Article by:
Iryna Stepchenko

4. Commercial Vehicle Show

April 23-25, 2024 | Birmingham, UK

This event offers expertise in road transport, distribution, and logistics. At The Commercial Vehicle Show, you can connect with industry leaders and discover the latest innovations. This is the place to learn about the future of commercial vehicles. Elevate your business strategies and see how this transformative event drives business change.


5. ITT Hub

May 15-16, 2024 | Farnborough, UK

The Innovation and Technology & Transport Hub conference offers the future of transportation. It's a fantastic place to engage with cutting-edge technologies. You can participate in thought-provoking discussions and network with professionals shaping the industry. Unlock networking opportunities and drive sustainable progress in global transportation.


6. Transport and Logistics in Ghent

September 17-18, 2024 | Ghent, Belgium

Learn more about logistics and transportation at Transport & Logistics Antwerpen. See how the Beneleux region elevates services for the entire E.U. market and beyond. Discover industry trends, connect with key players, and learn about solutions to improve your logistics game. Start collaborating and connecting innovations.


7. IAA Transport

September 17-22, 2024 | Hannover, Germany

Get to the heart of transportation innovation at IAA Transportation and learn more about the latest developments in your industry. More than 132,000 visitors attended the last event. This event is a hub of ideas, advances, and networking opportunities. Here, you can explore the extensive exhibition and get information that will shape the transportation industry's future.


8. InnoTrans

September 24-27, 2024 | Berlin, Germany

Step into the future of transportation technology at InnoTrans. The event provides insights into rail technology, infrastructure, public transportation, interiors, and construction. Here, you can learn more about securing your business using the latest developments. See an event that brings together the entire spectrum of transportation innovation.


9. Intermodal Europe 

November 12-14, 2024 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Check out an important event in the world of intermodal transport and the interconnected logistics network at Intermodal Europe. Meet key industry players who operate in the Benelux and intercontinental markets. Learn about new trends and better understand global transportation. Prepare your company for success in the dynamic world of intermodal transportation with valuable insights gained at this summit.


10. Logitran Turkey

November 20-22, 2024 | Istanbul, Turkey

By joining the largest logistics meeting in the Eurasia region at Logitran Turkey, you can network with industry experts and discover first-in-class innovations. By learning from the event, you can be at the forefront of logistics in this dynamic EMEA and APAC region. Find yourself at an event that goes beyond networking to offer insights into the future of logistics in Eurasia.



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What conferences have we attended recently?

Shine chrome, high-tech drones flying around the exhibition space and advertising for environmentally friendly transport - this is what the “cover” of many business events in the transport industry looks like.

Actually, the cover is followed by numbers describing new transport technologies, counting thousands of kilometers of railway transport and millions of nerve cells of specialists who provide the industry with components and accessories. There are also endless logistics schemes for commercial transport, round-the-clock transport services, and ensuring transport safety in any conditions.

We, as professionals in the transportation industry, simply have to be part of this euphoria and, of course, attend industry events from time to time. Take a look at where we've already been over the past six months.

SITL in Paris, France

This time Transport & Logistics presented visitors with a new perspective on start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises in a constantly evolving environment. The event attracted many logistics companies, including logistics real estate, intralogistics, trucking companies, railway companies, etc. It was a great time to establish new business contacts and learn about cutting-edge solutions for current business needs.

Transportation & Logistics in Antwerp, Belgium

Transport & Logistics Antwerp 2023 attracted more than 11,000 visitors and featured 300 exhibiting companies from the logistics, transport, real estate, technology, and IT industries. Software companies formed a strong base, making up almost 20% of all exhibitors. This figure clearly shows that companies in the logistics and transport sectors are actively following automation trends. They are looking for real-time fleet tracking solutions using custom software and ready-to-use tools. We had the great pleasure of immersing ourselves in the logistics and transport market of Central Europe. We listened to the local market needs of various transport companies and realized that there was a high demand for quality data management and smooth exchange of transport documents.

What to consider while attending the transportation trade shows?

Our approach to sales and marketing always has its pros and cons. Considering the niche character of transportation, it is important to consider what is important before, during, and after events. Not only do events provide an excellent platform for networking with experts directly related to the industry for which they are held, but they also open the door to meetings with professionals from related sectors, such as logistics and supply chain, logistics software development, and, in general, the digital transformation of the industry.

When attending transportation exhibitions, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure you get the most out of your experience. So, you need to approach the choice of events sensibly, with the understanding that there you will be able to meet your target audience. Consider which of your competitors are also planning to attend the show or will be represented there. Find out about useful seminars at the event, and use such shows for lead generation, research, and training.

Who can you meet at the transportation summit or trade show?

At transportation events, you can connect with companies operating in various sectors, offering a range of services and products that contribute to the overall consistency of transportation. Here are the industries you can meet at transportation events:

  • Forwarders. You can meet logistics and freight forwarding companies specializing in efficient transportation solutions, providing expertise in managing the flow of goods.

  • Carriers. You can connect with carriers involved in the actual movement of goods, including trucking companies, shipping lines, and air carriers.

  • IT companies. You can connect with technology companies that offer innovative solutions for the transportation industry, such as software platforms, route optimization tools, and digital logistics management systems.

  • Equipment suppliers. Events allow you to interact with companies that provide essential equipment for the transportation sector, including suppliers of vehicles, trailers, containers, and other logistics infrastructure.

  • EV charge companies. At such events, you can meet suppliers of solutions and services for charging electric vehicles. Get acquainted with their certification, in some cases test, if available, get professional support, etc.

  • Consulting services. You can learn about consulting companies specializing in transportation and logistics strategy, offering insights and advice on optimizing operations and overcoming industry challenges.

  • Truck manufacturers. You can get in touch with truck and commercial vehicle manufacturers. There is always an opportunity to gain insight into the latest developments in transportation technology and vehicle performance.

  • Companies offering personnel leasing. Events allow you to connect with companies that offer staffing solutions tailored to the transportation industry. These can include leasing qualified personnel such as truck drivers and other logistics and supply chain roles.

  • Automation technology companies. Transportation-related events help you learn about the latest automation technologies. You can learn about IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the transportation industry and connect with companies that provide solutions to automate processes in the transportation sector.

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Final takeaway

These events serve as networking accelerators that further foster valuable connections between stakeholders in the transportation sector. Attendees gain insight into emerging technologies and can learn about best practices to remain competitive. 

Adexin is a top custom software development company with more than 10 years of experience developing software for transportation. Don't hesitate if you want to learn more about developing dedicated software for your industry. Get the entire list of events worldwide and visit upcoming events to gain more from the market.



What are the common mistakes to avoid during conferences?

The most common mistakes to avoid during conferences include:

  • not defining your event goal

  • lack of time sense

  • ignoring different time zones

  • lack of agenda

Who can you meet at the transportation event?

At transport events, you can contact companies in the transport industry, also related:

  • Forwarders and carriers

  • Truck manufacturers

  • Equipment suppliers

  • IT companies

  • Consulting services

  • Automation technology companies etc.

What is the future of the transportation industry?

How will transport evolve? The future of transportation will likely involve self-driving vehicles, drones, electric trains, and other technologies to reduce emissions from the atmosphere and improve the safety of people in cities.

What is the future outlook for trucking?

Are trucking job opportunities available? Yes. Truck drivers will be extremely needed by 2025. There is a much higher number of open truck jobs than truckers. The forecast is that the sector will grow at a rate of 11% in 2020, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

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