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GIS & Mapping

We offer the knowledge of our experienced developers and consultants to help capitalize on GIS & mapping technologies. With our help, create custom GIS apps with accurate maps and efficient data analyzing capabilities to push your business to the next level.

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Potential solutions

Collect & manage data

Manage and analyze collected data using custom-made software. We can help build scalable cloud-hosted databases designed to gather and analyze geographical data efficiently.

See changes

Receive software solutions with the capability to show data changes on maps in set periods of time.

Locate problems

Through the extensive data analyzing capabilities of GIS systems, identify and resolve problems effectively.

Receive notifications

Receive helpful notifications and real-time updates with custom-built software that uses location-based data.

Get forecast

Through comprehensive analysis of previously recorded periodic or locational data, GIS systems can construct forecasts and improve decision-making by using prediction techniques.

understand trends

Pattern recognition of geospatial user behavior can help understand current trends and allow your company to benefit from them.

What is GIS & Mapping?

A geographic information system, also known as GIS, is a system capable of interpreting, creating, and managing geological data, providing a basis for mapping and research used in the vast majority of industries in the modern world. Using GIS and mapping software, it is possible to analyze and visualize spatial data, routing, and geographic terrain, helping increase the efficiency of some business practices exponentially.

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By carefully utilizing GIS systems, it is possible to improve workflow in a large number of industries. The industries we are most experienced in are the following.


With GIS & mapping systems, improve your forwarding and routing processes to achieve previously unobtainable efficiency benchmarks.


Augment your transportation business with the latest GIS technologies to improve navigation and reduce hold-ups.

Supply Chain

Improve supply chain software application by utilizing GIS & mapping technologies, delivering accurate tracking and improving user experience.

Focused custom GIS & Mapping solutions

Fleet MS solutions

We provide FMS solutions tailored to your business, empowering you to achieve precise management and make decisions based on data. Gain effective control over your fleet, contributing to sustainable business growth with the latest GIS & Mapping solutions.

More about Fleet MS

Asset tracking software

We provide high-quality SAM software development services to advance your business. Take advantage of ongoing enhancements in your asset tracking system, fleet monitoring, and more. Our geolocation solutions can improve your business efficiently and quickly.

More about SAM

Supply chain control tower software

We deliver top SCCT software development that relies on data. Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of geolocation operations through informed and optimized decision-making. Improve data processing and integration, supply and demand planning, and supplier performance management.

More about SCCT

Warehouse management systems

We develop custom WMS solutions with the possibility of better control over warehouse operations. Adexin's solutions can optimize inventory and order management, transportation and receiving, and more. In our GIS & Mapping developments, we always focus on built-in analytics KPIs, and traceability.

More about WMS

Why Adexin

Using GIS & mapping technologies give your company a major advantage if implemented correctly. Here are several reasons why you should let Adexin take on this task.


We have gathered ample experience through projects that included GIS & mapping technologies. Our engineers seek to deliver quality, failure-free software customized to your needs.

Modern technologies

We try to find new GIS & mapping technologies opportunities to deliver the most efficient and scalable software we can.

Top service

We value our customers and seek to provide quality customer service. We are proud of our past collaborations, which have earned us favorable reviews and a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch.

Expert group

We offer the help of our expert group to our clients regardless of the project at hand. Our expert group is a team of highly professional developers that can solve your exceptionally complicated problems, offering a new perspective based on vast experience and knowledge.

Case Studies

Our case studies reflect the skills we have accumulated during past projects. Have a look.

case: p04.01 moomin move: desktop
case: p04.01 moomin move: mobile

Location-based CMS for a game in the real-world

Back-end and CMS development for a location-based game. The project involved heavy data analysis and QA.
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