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AdexinBlogLeaders in Logistics Summit: event that upscale today's logistics

Leaders in Logistics Summit: event that upscale today's logistics

Apr 3, 2024
6 min

Between 12-13 March 2024, the Leaders in Logistics Summit occurred at the World Trade Center in Barcelona. I visited Barcelona for the first time but would like to stay because of the incredible vibe and simply great coastal climate. This beautiful city attracted this year's thought leaders from various industries strictly related to logistics, such as carriers, shippers, 3PLs, postal operators, and retail logistics deeply connected with eCommerce. We heard from many professionals and senior leaders, who hold such roles as global accounts managing director, and others about best practices that leverage last-mile delivery capabilities for parcels. The main subjects were future-proof fulfillment, warehouse operations, and sustainable logistics solutions that shape our future. See more about our takeaways from the events and glimpse what matters in your industry today.

Barcelona view nearby leading logistics event
Barcelona view nearby leading logistics event

Innovation showcases in Barcelona

When we talk about the best logistics events, we think about the last Leaders in Logistics summit, we truly formulated its values through the words of one of the famous Americans. 

Top 10 logistics events in 2024: Access list of 150+ events to download

Article by:
George Maksimenko

"You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics." – General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

To wave away this quote from today's geopolitical problems, as we want to remain apolitical, we can still see its value and the importance of appreciating key persons with tremendous responsibility for many operations. And this is how impactful logistics operations are today for global well-being. 

The Leaders in Logistics Summit is a great opportunity to learn about the importance of the logistics industry in all areas of our lives. Of course, the beautiful city of Barcelona, which we visited for the first time, captivated us with its beauty, architecture, and simply incredible atmosphere. It also brought many useful meetings and potential contacts during the event and an incredible after-party.

Personally, I would like to note that the Grip-based event application has served as an excellent tool for networking, making new contacts, and scheduling meetings, with excellent performance and response.

But let's return to the importance of logistics on a global scale, as all of us in the logistics industry can refer to relatively small interruptions in the context of global sea freight, such as the single ship stuck in the Suez Canal in March 2021. Nevertheless, this issue caused enormous ship traffic and disturbances that were negatively absorbed by many markets globally even several months after the canal was unblocked.

The statement above should set the bar for anything we want to say about Barcelona's last Leaders in Logistics summit. We don't think too highly of saying such things when more than 600 attendees took part in one place of meeting.

Networking Zone at Leaders in Logistics Summit
Networking Zone at Leaders in Logistics Summit

It's important to note that of these 600 individuals, over 60% were C-level executives, directors, and decision-makers from the logistics industry and beyond but still closely related to it. 

By having all that in mind, we can see why many topics mentioned during the last edition of the Leaders in Logistics Summit were so electrifying and essential for upcoming months for the entire logistics industry.

The event organizer has come up with many hot topics for 2024 in the logistics industry. Here they are:

  • The eCommerce logistics landscape: Here, we could tune in to how online behavior and customer expectations evolve. It was a very insightful panel on how to deal with the dilemma of cost and, of course, with sustainability and convenience gained from customers.

  • Cross-border eCommerce: In this panel, we heard deep insights from La Poste, Ukrposhta, and An Post on simplifying the complexities of taxes. The speakers also mentioned the importance of well-established customer service. In addition to these topics, presenters shed light on more operational challenges in cross-border eСommerce.

  • The future of out-of-home (OOH) delivery: Here, attendees could learn about OOH delivery strategies from industry leaders such as EVRI, DPD, Delipop, CACI, and Post Italiane. It seems that they covered everything from mobile apps to lockers.

  • Transforming Fulfillment: In this panel, we could explore advances in warehouse automation, reverse logistics efficiency, and even robotics. Technological advances become more and more critical in fulfillment services for eCommerce. Here, we heard from experts from Alaiko, Swarovski, and Boohoo.

  • Digitizing the Supply Chain: This panel addressed visibility, connectivity, and adaptability issues in the supply chain software development. Many companies already deployed some of the solutions like this, and at the event, we could hear insights from DSV and IKEA.

  • Sustainable Logistics: Here, we joined to listen to speakers from Amazon, Barcelona City Council, Geopost, An Post, Stuart, and Salsa Jeans. They gave attendees a fantastic opportunity to learn about the journey to transform sustainable supply from concept to reality.

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We can observe that eCommerce is consistently the subject raised across fairs and conferences in 2024. What truly makes it more considerable for many companies? The fact that getting into the eCommerce business with today's digital technology has become quite simple compared to 20 years ago. Custom software and digital solutions are now more accessible to many companies at lower prices. The technology of today, whether it's custom software or robotics and automation, makes it easier for companies to cope with various challenges.

It was also confirmed by the LogiMAT event in Stuttgart, where we were not so long ago because it was also in March 2024! During the event, we could see a significant focus on software solutions and automation in warehouses for distribution, particularly for eCommerce. And let's remember what the challenges of today's eCommerce are in general:

  • Competition: The eCommerce market is highly saturated, making it difficult for companies to stand out. So, again, no company can become more competitive without more customized and tailored solutions. That can be enabled with custom software, for example.

  • Customer experience: eCommerce must provide a smooth and user-friendly online shopping experience. It is critical to customer retention. So, to get repetitive business in eCommerce, you must consistently maintain high standards. It can be difficult for companies that cannot collect and store data correctly.

  • Logistics and shipping: Finally, efficient order processing and timely delivery are essential to customer satisfaction. Just imagine if customers do not get their parcel on time. It will negatively affect their perception of your business. So, logistical complexity and shipping delays can pose serious challenges for eCommerce companies. It is another aspect of why streamlined workflows of shipping processes integrated with warehouse management are crucial.

Reasonably, only three examples have been provided, but there are many more challenges in the eCommerce industry. These examples also connect to all the information shared by the speakers during the summit.

Group chief executive officer during discussion panel

During the fair, we could engage with companies from over 50+ countries and listen to more than 100+ speakers. Among the global companies and leaders at the venue, we heard from Nabil Malouli, a global innovation leader with extensive experience in corporate executive roles. He is a member of the cross-industry team at NASA. He has contributed to the success of companies like Nike, Mercado Libre, and Amazon by enhancing their eCommerce global supply chains. This vital figure currently serves as DHL's Senior Vice President of Global eCommerce.

Nabil Malouli shared insights about innovation and technology, which are strictly aligned with a well-weighted strategy and product development for eCommerce solutions, including fulfillment and international parcel services. The subject of his speech was closely related to one of the presentations we had the opportunity to hear during the Berlin eCommerce Expo, where the brilliant Chris Hodge, eCommerce Marketing Manager at FedEx, explained the importance of cross-border shipping and document management systems for international shipping.

European operations sustainability and Amazon's commitment

Another exciting speaker was Marina Lussich, Principal Program Manager in Sustainability at Amazon Europe. She is responsible for spearheading the company's decarbonization initiatives and delivery of sustainability. With a strong background in transportation, construction, and consulting, she brings extensive experience in advisory roles to governments and the private sector across Europe and Latin America.

Her international awareness of global economies and situations that shape the characteristics of today's relationships between continents in global trade gives a strong conviction about the essential steps for the near future in the logistics industry.

Identify efficiencies by Maersk

The third presenter worth mentioning was Esteban Seravalli, who is currently serving as the Senior Engineering Manager—Fulfilled by Maersk Platform. He has held this position for 2 years and 9 months and is based in The Netherlands. With over 16 years in technology and logistics, Esteban is crucial in driving innovation and efficiency. 

Working in contract logistics, including warehouses, depot, middle mile, and eCommerce, he demonstrates exceptional leadership skills in solution costing and project estimations. His presentation was related quite closely to Maersk's potential on the market. He was talking about these subjects: 

  1. Standardization of CL (Contract Logistics) facilities

  2. 157 Maersk CL facilities (2020)

  3. Expectations: 100 New CL facilities per year

  4. 600 CL facilities today

Esteban Seravalli, Senior Engineering Manager from Maersk sharing about the logistics industry
Esteban Seravalli, Senior Engineering Manager from Maersk sharing about the logistics industry

In another part of his presentation, Esteban revealed more industry challenges in the upcoming years. Here are some of them:

  1. Every country has its own rules.

  2. Different vendors across the globe.

  3. Need for a new scalable way of working.

  4. Different models/brands/OS of OT devices.

  5. Tech Debt – 1000 devices / Cybersecurity risks.

  6. Assets inventory in MS Excel.

  7. Different procurement ways.

  8. Lack of centralized management of OT devices and control and others.

Esteban Seravalli on the logistics industry during his presentation
Esteban Seravalli on the logistics industry during his presentation

World trade center and logistics operators

In other panels, we could hear about AI, technology, and, for example, the Smart Locker Network topic. It all boils down to package traceability. So, when customers get information from shipping to delivery, they want to ensure it's safely located at the collection point. Referring to the words of Frederick W. Smith, founder and CEO of FedEx, "The information about the package is as important as the delivery of the package itself," we can see that nothing has changed, but only all that is a fact. Customers need to be ensured about their delivery. It is even more critical for small and medium-sized businesses that start business in eCommerce, for example, and other challenges that supply chains address. You need to have a robust system, software, shipping process, and storage to make your customers feel calm and let them repurchase.

Vytautas Atkocaitis from VintedGo and Miha Jagodic from Bloq. Discussion of the Smart Locker network topic
Vytautas Atkocaitis from VintedGo and Miha Jagodic from Bloq. Discussion of the Smart Locker network topic

The next panel discussion, The AI Awakening—Transforming eCommerce Logistics, argued that in the rapidly changing world of eCommerce, where efficiency and innovation are key, you need to consider integrating artificial intelligence (AI). This is revolutionizing logistics today.

Discussion panel - The AI awakening: transforming eСommerce logistics among chief growth officer from Countercheck and others
Discussion panel - The AI awakening: transforming eСommerce logistics among chief growth officer from Countercheck and others

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Key takeaway 

Well, thinking about Leaders in Logistics, we have in front of us the entire world of logistics, and this constellation of true market leaders not only raises awareness about developments in the industry but also highlights how much responsibility is in the hands of these individuals that go far beyond parcel delivery. I'm talking here about the businesses they are handling and how their decisions impact global trade, economies, and, most importantly, the environmental aspects.

I'm really grateful that all these thought leaders are genuinely thinking about how to engage in more actions that can help improve them. It's good to know that the right people are in the right places. The way they're transforming global logistics and coping with challenges is worth noticing.

At Adexin, we perceive logistics as our niche because we have worked in this industry for many years. With a wealth of experience, we have proven that our solutions are suitable for supply chain, transportation, and logistics companies. By offering custom software development services, we have a team of great industry experts in place who help many companies grow in the market. Contact us today to see how you can improve your business.



What is the importance of sustainable logistics?

Sustainable logistics improves the conduct of logistics operations in a way that minimizes environmental impact. At the same time, it maximizes efficiency and social responsibility. It involves adopting practices and technologies that reduce carbon emissions, optimize resource utilization, and promote ethical supply chain management. At the Leaders in Logistics Summit, sustainable logistics emerged as an important topic, with speakers from Amazon, Barcelona City Council, Geopost, An Post, Stuart, and Salsa Jeans shedding light on the journey toward sustainable supply chain transformation.

What were the topics of the Logistics Leaders Summit?

The Logistics Leaders Summit covered various topics critical to the evolution of the logistics industry in 2024. Some of the key topics covered during the event included:

  • The eCommerce logistics landscape

  • Challenges and solutions for cross-border eCommerce

  • The future of out-of-home (OOH) delivery strategies

  • Advances in warehouse automation and order fulfillment efficiency

  • Digitization of the supply chain to increase visibility and adaptability

  • Sustainable Logistics Practices and initiatives

What are the three challenges in logistics?

Despite advances in technology and innovation, the logistics industry still faces several challenges:

  • Competition: The highly saturated eCommerce market challenges companies to differentiate themselves and stand out among solid competition.

  • Customer experience: A smooth and user-friendly online shopping experience is critical to customer retention.

  • Logistics and shipping complexity: Efficient order processing and timely delivery are critical to customer satisfaction.

What are the statistics of the Leaders in Logistics Summit in Barcelona?

The Leaders in Logistics Summit in Barcelona involved significant participation from industry leaders and decision-makers. More than 600 attendees represented various sectors closely related to logistics, including carriers, freight forwarders, 3PLs, and eCommerce retailers. The summit provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.
Notably, more than 60% of attendees were senior executives, highlighting the summit's importance in shaping strategic decisions in the industry. Moreover, discussions covered various topics, reflecting the breadth and depth of insights shared at the event.

What is the impact of the Global Logistics Summit?

The Leaders in Logistics Summit is a source of influence in the global logistics arena. Held at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, the event was a convergence point for the sharpest minds and innovators from various logistics-related industries. With more than 600 attendees, including most senior executives and decision-makers, the summit significantly impacted the direction and evolution of today's logistics practices.

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