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AdexinBlogTips on how to improve transport with route planning software

Tips on how to improve transport with route planning software

Jan 4, 2024
5 min


The article provides information on route management software, emphasizing its role in enhancing delivery performance. It highlights typical route planning activities, optimization, driver and vehicle tracking, and performance analysis. If you're a small or medium-sized company aiming for efficiency beyond speed and cost, the article explores how route planning software can increase revenue and your business can remain sustainable,

What is route management software?

Route management systems serve as solutions to increase the efficiency of delivery operations. The best route management solutions are comprehensive and fully integrated, consolidating all the business aspects. Alternatively, combining different tools, such as for analytics and planning, can create a custom route management system. Mostly, it is about adoption ofcustom software development services to address a specific part of the route management process. These are very important for logistics, transportation, and supply chain.  

Here are four areas related to route management software solutions:

  • Route planning

  • Route optimization

  • Tracking of drivers and vehicles

  • Performance analysis for continuous improvement

You may wonder what these activities have in common. They all focus on increasing the efficiency of the delivery process. The concept of "efficiency" goes beyond speed and cost-effectiveness. It involves managing small and medium business areas that contribute to a complete perspective on higher revenue through cost savings. Additionally, it takes into account the customer experience. While a negative customer experience can result in long-term costs, a positive experience can lead to greater success.

Areas to route management software solutions
Areas to route management software solutions

How do you determine the optimal transportation plan?

There are many ways to complete your optimal transportation plan. These mostly depend on the mode of transport and other complex factors. Basically, it is very difficult to outline key elements of transportation planning without knowing what consists of our shipment and where it should be delivered. The best way is to do transportation planning by using route optimization software. 

Here, we have identified key elements for creating transportation planning:

Establish unified purchasing process

Create an adaptive and mostly unified purchasing process that can eliminate limitations and technological differences. This will be important for booking transport through different transport modes with freight forwarders.

Improve collaboration

Connect your stakeholders inside the platform from route optimization software. Make room for collaboration across the supply chain to eliminate misunderstandings and improve overall management.

Deploy environmental sustainability model

Using accurate planning inside the route optimization software, you can develop a model to support environmental sustainability by addressing climate risks and implementing actions.

Elements for optimal transportation plan
Elements for optimal transportation plan

What is the best route optimizer?

The best route optimizer, closely related to route optimization software, should combine different functionalities. It isn't easy to find an all-in-one solution each time. Some software solutions simply don't offer everything. You might find yourself in a situation where some features are completely unavailable by purchasing a so-called commercial-off-the-shelf solution. In that case, the best option might be to pursue custom route optimization software development to obtain the most effective solution based on well-known best transportation optimization practices in the market.

We have selected some of the features that you can get with custom software development for your route optimizer:

Automated route planning

Using the automated route planning feature, you can reduce errors due to human negligence and minimize manual work caused by manual errors.

More accurate geocoding

Custom software development offers more advanced geocoding capabilities to transform unclear addresses into precise geographic coordinates on a map.

Smart vehicle allocation

This feature, implemented in route optimization software, supports intelligent vehicle allocation based on factors such as traffic volume, shipment, vehicle type, etc.

Cost-based route optimization

Route optimization software lets you evaluate multiple cost options to determine the most economical route.

Optimal fleet management

By enabling this feature in your software, you can ensure the best-fit fleet mix based on consumer preferences.

Route planning

You can integrate intelligent forward and reverse logistics into a single route plan by combining returns with regular deliveries.

Route features by custom software development
Route features by custom software development

Routing software for deliveries with truck fleet management GPS features

You can get the best of bread from your transportation operations by using the GPS feature while managing your truck fleet. This is also one the well-known features of more comprehensive solutions such as the Transport Management System (TMS). Here is what value GPS Vehicle Tracking can deliver to your business:

Real-time location monitoring

The GPS tracker's accurate tracking function enables your business to access real-time location and movement details for all fleet vehicles.

Improved customer service

A professional telematics solution helps you enhance customer service by informing customers of the exact vehicle arrival time.

Increased productivity

Sensors for fuel levels, along with open-door functionalities, can benefit your operations by increasing productivity and achieving cost savings through additional sensor integration.

Route intelligence

Detailed route information supports visibility into where vehicles started, stopped, and how long stops lasted for comprehensive trip information.

Benefits of route optimization software

You can really benefit from having in-house route optimization software. We have selected the most valuable elements that are truly advantageous for your business.

Here are the benefits of route optimization software:


Route optimization software reduces fuel costs and minimizes wear and tear on vehicles. This is leading to lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Greater safety

You can minimize time spent on the road and strategically plan routes. Simply put, the software increases safety.

Improved customer service

Using route optimization software, you can constantly monitor traffic monitoring and prevent delays, ensuring on-time deliveries.

Improved truck drivers performance

Optimized routes increase driver confidence and satisfaction. Route planning software takes breaks into account, fostering long-term driver commitment.

Increased productivity

In response to driver inefficiency, the route optimization software uses GPS tracking for real-time monitoring and timely interventions. In that way, you can increase overall productivity. [1]

Let's summarize it!

Route management software is emerging as a key tool for companies, particularly small and medium-sized ones. It is essential to highlight that the ultimate payoff extends beyond speed and cost considerations. Route planning solutions promise to amplify revenue and cultivate a positive customer experience. The implementation of route planning software aligns with a strategic approach for companies seeking to thrive in the competitive landscape of modern delivery operations.

Adexin is a node.js development company that provides software development solutions tailored for transportation, logistics, and supply chain needs. We recognize the importance of route optimization and planning in these industries. With over a decade of experience, we have assisted companies in these sectors by delivering software solutions that yield significant returns in a short period. If you want to learn more about route planning and optimization, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.


[1] Resilience in transport and logistics; Retrieved from:



What is the main purpose of route management systems, and how do they contribute to delivery?

Route management systems focus on improving the efficiency of delivery operations by providing comprehensive and fully integrated solutions. They consolidate various business aspects, offering a strategic approach to improving delivery performance.

What are the key areas associated with route management software solutions, and how do they collectively improve the delivery process?

Key areas related to route management software include route planning, route optimization, driver and vehicle tracking, and performance analysis for continuous improvement. Together, these areas focus on increasing the overall efficiency of the delivery process.

How can route optimization software address transportation planning challenges, especially regarding shipment details and destination information?

Using advanced geocoding functions, route optimization software can effectively address transportation planning challenges. These functions convert vague addresses into precise geographic coordinates, providing accurate information for optimal route planning.

What are the critical elements identified to create transportation planning, and how do they contribute to the overall efficiency of the process?

The key elements identified to create transportation planning include establishing a unified procurement process, improving collaboration throughout the supply chain, and implementing an environmental sustainability model. These elements contribute to efficient and well-coordinated transportation planning.

In the context of route optimization software, what features can be obtained by developing custom software, and how do they affect the optimization process?

With custom route optimization software, companies can obtain features such as automatic route planning, more accurate geocoding, intelligent vehicle assignment, cost-based route optimization, optimized fleet management, and intelligent route planning. These features improve the overall optimization solution for companies.

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