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AdexinBlogHow can customized software support your global forwarding optimization?

How can customized software support your global forwarding optimization?

Dec 27, 2023
5 min


Optimization is an answer to most of today's challenges in global forwarding. Taking a closer look at logistics and transportation within the entire network of interconnected supply chain solutions, we see that, in many cases, companies need to rely on higher predictability. And we're talking here about the tools and systems that can help you with forecasting, planning, and scheduling. All these things can make your business more predictable and bulletproof against economic impacts.

There are several approaches you can aim for on the way to get closer to these qualities in your business. Among many solutions, you can choose customized software development that streamlines your business with unique features you cannot get anywhere else. This article introduces you to customized software development services that can help you optimize logistics, transportation, and the supply chain. Let's take a look at how you can optimize your business to get better performance results.

What are the best customized software solutions for transportation?

If you're looking for a robust software solution for your business, two ways are best suited for your business. The first one is related to ready-made solutions when you can benefit from earlier established functionalities for your operations. This solution is known as commercial off-the-shelf. 

The second way for software is customized solutions, where you can use completely tailored software to your business needs. However, to keep it on the highest level, it is important to choose software developers with inside-out knowledge about logistics, transportation, and supply chain. We talk about this a bit later in this article. Until now, we have selected a couple of elements that Cleary shows you how you can aggregate your business with customized software. 

Compatibility and saleability

Organizations often operate with a complex mix of technologies. This is leading to disruptions in data flow when using different software packages. Customized software solves compatibility issues by ensuring a smooth flow of information between processes.


Data access and security are constant concerns for organizations. Custom software development allows for customized security standards. This is how you can address the need for increased security measures in online transactions across your business units.


To maintain a competitive edge and adapt to changing market dynamics in your organization, you must adopt new technologies. Customized software provides the flexibility to easily change, upgrade, or improve your operations. You can optimize resources, improve customer service, and simplify processes.


Customized software is a long-term solution to solve long-standing business problems. This is actually a way of providing a cost-effective alternative to off-the-shelf software. The initial investment in customized software pays for itself by streamlining processes over time. [1]

Elements of customized software solutions for transportation
Elements of customized software solutions for transportation

How do we optimize transport with customized software applications?

Optimizing transportation with customized software should adapt digital solutions to a company's logistics, transportation, and supply chain needs. In many cases, customized software helps with real-time tracking, route optimization, and demand forecasting. These features can increase efficiency and transparency. Customization minimizes unnecessary costs by providing precise customization for unique operational requirements.

Provide Transparent Shipping

Utilize transportation management software to share shipment progress with customers, enhancing transparency in both customer service and team member awareness of potential delays.

Use Shipment Consolidation

Combine multiple shipments into a single order to save on transportation costs and streamline deliveries with bulk shipping.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly evaluate and optimize the transportation process to reduce unnecessary costs while maintaining reliability.

Build Strong Relationships with Distributors

Foster strong partnerships with distributors to improve communication and gain insight into the shipping process.

Automate Most Basic Processes

Implement automated shipping management software to prevent errors, catch mistakes, and proactively resolve problems. You can use workflows to manage the most complex processes.

Review Routes and Shipping Methods

Re-examine delivery routes and shipping methods to optimize efficiency. This can help expand the customer base and connect with buyers around the world.

Prioritize Data Security

Secure sensitive customer information in your transportation management system to avoid crises and maintain customer trust.

Implement Document Management

Manage most business processes by using customized functionality in software for digital document management. This functionality helps streamline day-to-day operations with digital documents.

How to find the best custom software developer for transportation?

Finding a software development company isn't a challenging task. However, it becomes more complicated when you must find a company that understands your business. We have outlined a few aspects that can help you choose a good custom software development company: 

Define project goals and timeframe

Before contacting a custom software development company, it is important to clearly define the goals and timeframe of the project. A detailed plan that includes requirements and workflows can help you get accurate estimates and avoid misunderstandings.

Select software development companies

Get on the Clutch to find software development companies. There, you can gather information on the company's size, specialization, experience, hourly rates, and technological expertise in your industry.

Look into key elements of a software company

Evaluate the companies on the long list by contacting them via email and asking for a portfolio. Focus on smaller companies to avoid communication problems.

Examine the development methodology

Ask about the development methodology used by the company (Scrum or Agile). A well-documented project development process increases productivity and helps overcome challenges. Make sure the method is in line with your preferences.

Request security practices statement

Ask about the company's security practices. Consider the transfer of confidential information. Ask detailed questions about the measures used to protect confidential materials and how to secure the solution under development.

Tips on how to find the best custom software developer-min
Tips on how to find the best custom software developer-min

Benefits of the custom software development solutions and disadvantages

Transportation, logistics, and supply chain businesses frequently opt for customized software development due to a wide range of advantages. Thus, these are already compliant with what has been mentioned earlier in this article, discussing ways to optimize transport with customized software. Here are the ultimate benefits of customized software:


Customized software is designed to accommodate the company's growth over the years. Thus, it provides scalability to match future expansion of the business operations.

Profound Security

Custom software solutions are packed with improved security measures crucial to protecting against cyber attacks. The complexities of these security measures are known only to the company. This way, the solution offers customized defense against potential threats.

High ROI

Custom software development may come with an upfront cost. However, this approach to business development still demonstrates the ability to generate a high return on investment (ROI) for companies in the long run.


Companies can avoid the unnecessary expense of paying for tools that often come bundled with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. Customized development focuses exclusively on meeting the company's specific needs and preferences.

Increased Productivity

Custom software solutions help increase productivity by simplifying companies' manual administrative, communication, and logistical processes.

Although there are many more advantages, it is worth considering elements of the process that may be perceived as disadvantages. Here some 


Custom software development can be expensive, mainly for small and medium-sized companies. The initial cost holds great potential for a return on investment in the long term.

Skill requirements

Ongoing maintenance of custom software demands a solid knowledge of the software and the industry. Because of this, some limitations may make it difficult for companies to allocate resources.

Implementation Time

Mainly, a customized solution may require more time for implementation due to audits that need to be conducted inside the organization. This delay can happen when the company doesn't entirely know the solution they seek. The time can also be exceeded due to a lack of skilled custom development companies, especially for those who don't have experience in certain business/industrial operations.

There are other ways to gain more advantages from customized software by deploying best practices for transport optimization. Therefore, you may need to acquire more expert knowledge and insights from developers who have been working with your industry for years.

Better outlook on customized software

The article provides insights into optimizing business operations through customized software. Beyond the focus on transportation, logistics, and supply chain, the content offers a broader perspective on leveraging customized software to enhance overall business capabilities. The key takeaway is that adopting tailored software solutions enables businesses to streamline processes and increase efficiency. 

At Adexin, we take a closer look at each business's needs. For us, it is important to remain a customer-centric business because even if we work for the same industry again, we know your business needs special attention to detail. We understand how small pieces can impact overall operations. Do you want to know more about customized software development? Do not hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a free consultation.


[1] McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2022; Retrieved from:



What are the best custom software solutions for transportation?

The two main approaches to software solutions are commercial off-the-shelf solutions that come with ready-made features, and fully customized software tailored to specific business needs. Choosing customized solutions requires developers with comprehensive expertise in logistics, transportation and supply chain processes.

How does customized software ensure compatibility and scalability across organizations?

Customized software facilitates the smooth flow of information between processes, effectively addressing compatibility issues that can arise in organizations operating with different technologies. This customized approach ensures that different software packages operate consistently, preventing disruptions in data flow. In addition, the scalability offered by customized software is essential in adapting to the natural growth of a company over the years. This adaptability allows the software to evolve with the company's growing needs and operations, providing a robust and sustainable solution for the long term.

How does custom software contribute to data security and adaptability?

Custom software development ensures adaptable security standards, effectively addressing data access and security concerns. It offers the flexibility to seamlessly change, update, or streamline operations, enabling businesses to adapt to market dynamics. This agility is crucial for staying responsive to industry trends, customer demands, and emerging technologies, ensuring long-term success in the competitive business environment.

What are the ultimate benefits of custom software for transportation, logistics and supply chain companies?

These ultimate benefits highlight the significant advantages of custom software development. Deep cybersecurity integration safeguards against cyber threats with a tailored defense system. While the initial cost may be substantial, it serves as a strategic investment with the potential for long-term return on investment (ROI). Customization tailors the software precisely to the company's needs, eliminating unnecessary tools found in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. Increased productivity stems from simplifying manual administrative, communication, and logistical processes, contributing to overall efficiency.

How can companies find the best software developer for transportation?

To find the right custom software development company, companies should first define project goals and timeframes. Use platforms such as Clutch to research the company's size, specialization, experience, hourly rates and industry expertise. Evaluate the key elements of a software company, taking into account its size, specialization, strategy and experience. Examine the development methodology, ensuring alignment with preferences. Finally, inquire about security practices to protect confidential information during the development process.

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